Uhh...I heard that you evaluate decks. Well, my deck has lost too many times. I was wondering if you

could tell me what's wrong with my deck and how i could improve it. My cards are as follows:

Starting Character:
Hermione Granger

Characters (5)
3 Ruebus Hagrid
2 Draco Malfoy

Adventures (4)
2 Troll in the Bathroom (or Privet Drive)
2 Harry Hunting

Spells (14)
4 Nurture
3 Incarcifors
4 Steelclaw
3 Hagrid and the Stranger

Creatures (15)
3 Vicious Wolf
3 Mountain Troll
2 Norbert
2 Kelpie
2 Baby Dragon
3 Guard Dog

Lessons (22)
15 Care of Magical Creatures
7 Transfiguration

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Everything is basically based on the creatures of the deck yet

everytime something seems to go wrong when I play! Can you help? And if you can't that's fine, too.

EJ Malfoy




Hola EJ! Your deck look pretty decent, but if you could have given me some examples of the problems you run into, I can fix your deck more accurately. Since the new Quidditch Cup set came out recently, Iíll help you prepare for the new style the best I can.



+1 Prof. Minerva McGonagall

-1 Hermione Granger

-2 Draco Malfoy

Hermione is great for getting lots of lessons out quickly, but your deck would make better use of her if it had more lessons.McGonagall provides your 1 Transfiguration power for the whole game, plus she can thwart a pesky Adventure that gets in your way.If you can, I really suggest getting one as your starting character.



+2 4 Privet Drives

+2 Into the Forbidden Forest

-2 Harry Hunting

-2 Troll in the Bathroom

Good olí Privet Drives still protect your creatures and yourself from spells. Into the Forest boost your creatureís power by 1 and they have to forfeit 5 actions to get rid of it. If you donít run into a lot of spell decks, replace the Privets with Forests to help better your chances. Harry Hunting and Bathroom just didnít seem effective in this deck.



+3 Cunning Fox

+1 Trevor

+1 Fluffy (or Scabbers)

-2 Kelpie

-1 Guard Dog

-1 Mountain Troll

Cunning Fox is one of the new beasts that benefits from Hagrid. Trevor is like the Pet Toad, but you get a Lesson back from your discard pile. Hagrid didnít Kelpies much, and the Guard Dog and Troll cost too much to have that many. I guess if you get your hands on a Fluffy, you can squeeze him in here. ;) Otherwise, try a Scabbers since he basically never dies.



+3 Desk Into Pig

+2 Put-Outer

+2 Diffindo

-4 Nurture
-1 Incarcifors
-3 Hagrid and the Stranger
Desk Into Pig get three of your creatures by discarding 1 lesson. Put-Outer and Diffindo help you clear the board so you can play your uniques or just for fun. Nurture wonít help your new creatures very much so junk it.Drop 1 Incarc and 3 strangers.



+9 Care of Magical Creatures
-7 Transfiguration
Since you donít need Transfiguration lessons anymore, replace them with CMC lessons.


Hereís a list:


Starting Character:
Prof. Minerva McGonagall

Characters (3)
3 Rubeus Hagrid

Adventures (4)
2 4 Privet Drive
2 Into the Forbidden Forest

Spells (13)
3 Desk Into Pig
2 Incarcifors
4 Steelclaw
2 Put-Outer

2 Diffindo

Creatures (16)
3 Vicious Wolf
2 Mountain Troll
2 Norbert
3 Cunning Fox

1 Trevor

1 Fluffy (or Scabbers)

2 Baby Dragon
2 Guard Dog

Lessons (24)
24 Care of Magical Creatures

With those few touches, your deck should be set for the world of Quidditch. ;)