Hi profpoke,


Sorry, but I don't have a title yet.

I have a deck that's a charms/potions deck.  I have a limited amount of cards, but I might be able to trade for some uncommons, but only 1 or 2 rares.  The strategy is to have a very, very good creature defense, while playing medium-damage spells to damage the other person.  There also is a few healing spells that help. Please fix my deck. 


Here it is:


Starter: Prof. Flitwick

Secondary character: Hermione Granger   (I don't have any other characters then her.)



2 Pewter Cauldrons

1 Borrowed wand



2 Privet Drive

2 Unusual Pets (I only have one now, so tell me if you are not going to use both.)

1 Diagon Alley (This slows them down a lot!)

1 Harry Hunting


Charms Spells:

2 Stupefy

1 Out of the woods

2 Vermillious

2 Baubilllious

3 Magical Mishap

4 Fumos (Since I don't have a lot of creatures, this will work very good for me, especcially if I can play 2 the same time.  It will work like an Transfig Exam.)



2 Boil Cures

2 Burning Bitteroot Balm

1 Hospital Wing


Potion Spells:

2 Dungbombs

3 Snape's Question

2 Noxius Poison

2 Potion Exams (I really, really like this card.)

2 Dogbreath Potions

1 Apothecary

1 Forgetfullness Potion



17 Potion Lessons


Please fix it!







Hey Ben! I like the challenge of building an economic deck for ya. :) Just a reminder: Decks need 61 cards total.



Since thatís all youíve got, weíre gona make the best of it.



No creatures in this deck. Watch out for Privet Drive.



-1 Unusual Pets

You donít need to have 2 right now. One should be good enough so you can trade for more important cards. ;)



+1 Borrowed Wand

+3 Toe Biter

+1 Dogbreath Potion

-1 Apothecary

-2 Noxious Potion

-4 Fumos

-1 Out of the Woods

Drop the Woods for an extra wand that will help you get it out faster so you can play high costing spells sooner. Toe Biters replaced the Fumos because they harm your opponent when they damage a creature. Dogbreath Potion is better than Noxious but its Uncommon so try to trade for it. Drop the Apothecary and Noxious too.



+5 Potions Lessons

Seventeen lessons is way to low for a potions deck. Letís bring it up to 22 Lessons. :)


With those few modifications, you should have a well-balanced thrifty deck. :D Gíluck!