1)       My strategy is to get out lessons fast using Hermoine and Transfiguration spells and then use Harry to help me draw quickly into my deck and lay out big creatures to win the match.  I use Hagrid to boost the power of my creatures (they all have a power of 3 or more, except for the Unicorn) and 4 Privet Drive to protect them. 

2)       EVERY other person I play in my area plays creature decks; that is why I am fairly heavy on creature removal.  Because creatures are popular I face a lot of decks playing In the Stands which is the reason I have included so many Apparates.

3)       I am not making my deck on apprentice, so I have to rely on actual cards.  I have a very large collection and a full set of 4 of many base-set rares.  I DO NOT have four of most creature rares (i.e. Fluffy, Unicorn).

4)       This deck is over by 3 cards.  I am not sure which three to get rid of, but I hoped you could be of some help.




"Hagrid Rocks the Dills"


Starting Character:

Hermoine Granger



12 Care of Magical Creatures

8 Transfigurations



2 Harry Potter

1 Rubeus Hagrid



1 Fluffy

1 Unicorn

1 Norbert

1 Baby Dragon

3 Guard Dog

4 Vicious Wolf


CMC Utility:

3 Hagrid and the Stranger



4 Alchemy

4 Steelclaw

3 Apparate

3 Incarcifors

2 Raven to Writing Desk

2 Transfiguration Test

1 Take Root

1 Petrificus Totalus



4 4 Privet Drive



2 Remembrall




Hola Anthony! Itís probably been a while since Iíve done a deck like this before. Letís see how we can perfect it.



Hermoine gives your deck the lesson speed it needs. I liked the two Harrys when I play-tested, as they really do help you get to the cards you need. Hagrid is good too if you get it out before your opponent (if he even plays Hagrid).



The Privets help protect you and your creatures from your opponentís spells. Leave it like you gotit.



+2 Cunning Fox

+1 Baby Dragon

+2 Mysterious Egg

-3 Hagrid and the Stranger

-1 Guard Dog

-1 Vicious Wolf

Cunning fox comes out a little quicker for same damage Dog and Wolf do. The g-dogs are usually off balance in Hermoine decks because you try to play two lessons for 1 action whenever you can, so you usually have an even number of lessons in play. Baby Dragon is good quick damage too. Replace Strangers with Eggs for a more aggressive approach in the deck. You wonít have to wait for the creature you want to be discarded to use Stranger, unlike Egg where you can search for the creature you need, if itís in your deck.



-2 Transfiguration Test

-1 Take Root

Since we started out 3 cards over the limit, weíll make our cut here. Test might hurt you as much as your opponent, and now that weíve slightly increased the number of creatures in this deck, itís even more risky. Incarcifors does what Root does, but better, especially in a Hermoine deck where even lesson are a common happening.



Only twenty lessons in any other deck without some speed demon like Hermoine and lessons finder spells like you got, would be pretty crazy. Good ratio here. Nice work.


Great deck! Best of luck in your duels to come. ;)