hey !
The idea for my deck is to use small creatures and get them out quick to hit your opponent fast and hard before they have time to react! You use Hermione to get your lessons out quick and Accio to get back the lessons that you had to discard to use your creatures. The charms spells do direct damage to your opponent and to their creatures.  I just made this deck so i dont really know if its good or not yet... well.. hope u can make it better ...

                           *  G *
Name: Charm Those Creatures !

Starting Character : Professor Flitwick

Adventures :
1 In the Stands
1 Sticking Up for Neville

2 Hermione

2 Accio
2 Toe Biter
2 Stream of Flames
2 Stupefy
2 Vermillious
2 Wingardium Leviosa
2 Magical Mishap

2 Curious Raven
1 Baby Dragon
2 Surly Hound
1 Devil's Snare
2 Boa Constrictor
2 Mountain troll
3 Pet Rat
2 Giant Tarantula

13 Charms
14 Care of Magical Creatures




Howdy G! Great deck, but lets see if we can tweak it enough to make it better. ;)



Flitwick was one of the most used Characters in the base set, and still has good potential with the new set. Since he provides Charms power for all your Charms spell, we can drop your Charm lessons later. Hermoine is also good here since you have plenty of lessons.



+1 4 Privet Drive

+2 Unusual Pets

-1 In the Stands

-1 Sticking Up for Neville

Sticking Up for Neville really needs to get two good turns of damage in to do you any good. If they solve it before itís your turn, they get 4 cards back with out any damage, and its basically giving them the ability of a healing card. Pets has the same effect, and replaces Stands so you can make room for Privet to prevent spells from hurting you.



+2 Kelpie

+1 Baby Dragon

+3 Cunning Fox

-1 Pet Rat

-2 Surly Hound

-1 Devil's Snare

Add a couple Kelpies to damage and stall while you wait for a Privet if needed. An extra Dragon could help you get more damage in per turn and Cunning Fox is almost a must in the QC environment. Donít need too many Rats, and the Snare isnít as great as it appears. If they know the damage is just gone go away, they either kill it in one turn or just ignore it. Maybe if something ever let you redirect damage from you to it, then it would come in handy. ;) Hounds get dropped for room.



+2 Swarm!

-2 Accio

-2 Wingardium Leviosa

Weíre only going to use one type of lessons, so the need for Accio isnít as great as it was before. Unusual pets could stop creatures from staying on the board long so drop the Leviosas too. Add Swarm! since youíve got quite a bit of creatures in here to do quite a bit of damage once there are a good amount of creatures on the board. It does 1 damage for each of your creatures and each of your opponentís too.



+12 Care of Magical Creatures

-13 Charms

Drop the Charm lessons since Flitwick provides the power needed, and even it out to 26 CMC lessons.


Nice deck you have here!