Hello there,


Of course I read all these deck-reports and tweaks with much interest. The first and most obvious thing that struck me was the lack of Harry Potter! I mean with this; many chose Flitwick or Hermione and no-one has Harry Potter as their wizard! Secondly was the hate everyone has for 4-privet.


Why not make something cool out of this?


The 'Parselmouth'-deck I made is below. The idea is the following; with Harry you draw a lot of cards, whenever you encounter privet, simply discard 6 non-healing and heal 8 or 10 back immediately. The fact that you draw lots of cards usually means that you have whatever it takes to get rid of enemy creatures immediately. If you do not; draw 2 more cards; odds are that you'll find what you need! Just not forget to heal as soon as you hit the 8 or 10 cards in your discard-pile. Whenever you do not have to remove creatures or play lessons; hurt the enemy with what you've got! I try to solely rely on multi-purpose cards. Like Bluebell flames for example; you choose to do 4 damage to either creature or opponent. So whatever the type of deck you encounter; you will not have 'useless'  cards. And The opponents very often has! All his anti-creature cards are wasted.


I tested the deck versus 3 different opponents with different types of decks with great success. But I have no experience with Quidditch-cards (yet) and I'd like your views and ideas anyways. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.







"Parselmouth" -deck (because I like the ring of it and the venomous character the deck has.)


starting character:


Harry Potter


backup character:


1 * Prof. Snape (to look after Harry ;)




- 3 * 4 Privet Drive (because people hate my deck anyway; let's give them three more good reasons!)


-  8 * Charms-lesson

-  1 * Dragon-heart wand (I rather wait slightly longer and make it count)

-14 * Potion-lesson (Lots; I know but you burn them as quick as you draw them!)

-  2 * Pewter cauldron (save up for the bigger spells)


- 4 * Dogbreath Potion (multi-functional and big damage)

- 4 * Burning Bitterroot Balm

- 4 * Hospital Wing

- 4 * Draught of the living Death (imagine their faces when you play 2 of these in 1 turn!)

- 1 * Elixir of life (simply one card left when I made the deck and this was the one I added)


- 4 * Bluebell Flames

- 4 * Vermillious

- 4 * Toe biter

- 2 * Logic Puzzle (get rid of those pesky adventures)


I myself would drop 2 Draughts and the elixir if I found a good replacement. Let me and the world know what you think and thanks again.






 Hey there. Lets see how this deck fares in the shop.



 Your characters fit your theme, and work pretty well too.



 If Privets work for you, keep them. If you need something to handle your opponents Privets, try Hagrid Needs Help.



 Pure spell deck, no creatures needed.



+3 Bravado

+4 Stream of Flames

+3 Stupefy

+2 Malevolent Mixture

+4 Bruisewort Balm

-4 Bluebell Flames

-1 Vermillious

-4 Toe biter

-4 Burning Bitterroot Balm

-2 Draught of the Living Death

-1 Elixir of Life

 Bravado can help you play those heavy spells earlier. Stream of Flames is the best of both sides of Vermillious, so it replaces Toe Biter. Stupefy is probably better than Bluebell considering cost and your other creature control cards. Mixture is quicker than Draught for almost as much damage. Bruisewort is half the cost of BBB, but gets half as many cards back, which is decent since you might run on low power at sometimes. Elixir really should only be something for your collection, since most of the time you would almost never be able to play it in a heavy discard deck.



 22 lessons seems OK with your backup power items.


Great job making a deck that sticks to a theme! ;)