hi professor this is my first time to send a deck in your mail. Well i haven't got a name for my creature deck but I'm planning to call it THE FORBIDDEN FOREST. Well it's basically a creature deck with the support of transfiguration.


Starting Character: McGonagall

Allied: 2 - Rubeus Hagrid


4 - Vicious Wolf

4 - Cunning Fox

4 - Cobra Lily

3 - Guard Dog

3 - Devil Snare

2 - Mountain Troll

1 - Fluffy

1 - Norbert


3 - Apparate

3 - Diffindo

3 - Desk into pig

4 - Steelclaw


3 - Into the Forbidden Forest


20 - COMC


the transfiguration is anti-in the stands and i don't have to worry about the privet, i haven't play'd this yet with other cards i want to hear the opinion of an expert first :) -Lance




Hey Lance. This looks like a formidable deck here. Lets see if we can tweak it to make it better.



McGonagall is a good starter, and works great with your theme.



Your adventure choice complements your creatures perfectly. ;)



+3 Boa Constrictor

+3 Baby Dragon

+1 Mountain Troll

-4 Cobra Lily

-3 Devil Snare

Removing damage counters from your creatures really isnít too great of a deal. Most decks use transfiguration to kill or do the lethal damage all on one turn. Replace them with more heavy hitters.



Good spell choices too. Use apparate on non-privet adventures and save McGonagall for privet if you run into it. Good creature decks max out on Steelclaws. Diffindo will get rid off any threats you run into on the board. Desk2Pig can find your creatures that you need.



20 is average for this type of deck.


Great work on the deck! Have a great New Year!