Hello, my name is Brett.
I call my deck Broomstick Battles, because the main cards are 
Quidditch. My main strategy is to do as much damage as possible as quickly as 
possible. I use Quidditch instead of charms because they have side-effects like how 
"Fouled" makes them lose an Action. I also use a couple potions in order to 
get some major damage done.
This is my deck, I've listed beside some cards the reasons why I chose 
them. I also am not running this on apprentice but using my cards.
Starter: Oliver Wood
Other Characters: Harry the Seeker
Adventures: 2-Sticking Up for Neville (Very good damage dealer)
††††††††††† 1-4 Privet Drive (spell stopper)
††††††††††† (Im thinking about adding an Unusual Pets instead of 
††††††††††††1 Pewter Cauldron)
Items: 1-Silver Cauldron
†††††† 1-Bludger
†††††† 2-Pewter Cauldron
†††††† 1-Golden Snitch
†††††† 1-Gold Cauldron
†††††† 1-Nimbus Two Thousand
†††††† 1-Support Banner
Spells: 3-Cobbing
††††††† 1-Dogbreath Potion (this card wins a Hufflepuff match alone)
††††††† 1-Power Play
††††††† 3-Fouled
††††††† 1-Penalty Shot
††††††† 4-Ouch!
††††††† 1-Out of Control
††††††† 2-Malevolent Mixture
††††††† 3-Draught of the Living Death
††† ††††1-Defence
††††††† 3-Burning Bitterroot Balm
Matches: 1-Slytherin Match
†††††††† 1-Ravenclaw Match
†††††††† 3-Hufflepuff Match
Lessons: 12-Potion Lessons
†††††††† 8-Quidditch Lessons
Thank you for taking time to rate this deck.





Howdy Brett! Thanks for sending in your deck in a neat format. Iíll see what I can do for you on this jolly day. ;)



ďWood is Good.Ē Harry makes a good backup card drawer when you need extra cards. Looks good here.



+2 Pep Talk

-1 4 Privet Drive

Your deck is extremely weak to Privet. One way to stop adventures is to minimize their actions so they arenít able to play it. Hagrid Needs Help would be good, but if you canít find him (since he IS rare), Pep Talk does nicely as an uncommon.



No Creatures.



+1 Power Play

+1 Comet Two Sixty

+3 Hospital Wing

+1 Malevolent Mixture

+2 Dogbreath Potion

+2 Potion Ingredients

-1 Golden Snitch

-2 Support Banner

-1 Cobbing

-1 Penalty Shot

-1 Defence

-1 Ouch!

-1 Out Of Control

-3 Draught of the Living Death

-3 Burning Bitterroot Balm

-1 Silver Cauldron

At the start, I said Wood is Good. Power Play is the reason why I say that, because with that combo, you can solve your Slytherin Match the turn you play it. :D Comet 2-60 is a good starting broom to help prevent damage to you, making it harder for your opponent to solve matches, if he even gets a chance. ;) Hospital Wing is faster than BBB and heals almost about as much. Malevolent Mixture is faster than DotLD and almost does as much damage. Dogbreath is all in all great for damage dealing. Potion Ingredients is the replacement for your 1 privet drive. Prevent your opponents spell damage is especially good if you have a match out that you donít want him to solve.

Golden Snitch costs too much and is too risky. Your Seeker is good enough, so you donít need the Banner nor Penalty Shot. Defence and Out of Control are a bit steep for their effects. The ingredients help replace your Defence too. I took Ouch and Cobbing out so you would have more room for lessons to play these spells.



+1 Quidditch

+2 Potions

20 total defiantly wonít do in a Potions Discard Deck. Bump it up to 23 minimum.


Hereís your list:

//NAME: Broomstick Battles

// Characters

††††††† 1 Oliver Wood

††††††† 1 Harry the Seeker

// Adventures

††††††† 2 Pep Talk

††††††† 2 Sticking Up for Neville

// Items

††††††† 1 Comet Two Sixty

††††††† 1 Bludger

††††††† 2 Pewter Cauldron

††††††† 2 Potion Ingredients

††††††† 1 Nimbus Two Thousand

††††††† 1 Gold Cauldron

// Flying Spells

††††††† 3 Fouled!

††††††† 3 Ouch!

††††††† 2 Power Play

††††††† 2 Cobbing

// Potion Spells

††††††† 3 Hospital Wing

††††††† 3 Malevolent Mixture

††††††† 3 Dogbreath Potion

// Matches

††††††† 3 Hufflepuff Match

††††††† 1 Ravenclaw Match

††††††† 1 Slytherin Match

// Lessons

††††††† 14 Potions

††††††† 9 Quidditch


There ya go. Have a Merry Christmas! ^_^