Flying Creatures Deck


My deck the Flying Creatures Uses quidditch, creatures, and transfiguration. My strategy is to get 5 lessons up and start putting down cunning foxes. Then I want to try to win some of my own matches and get down some of my more powerful cards into play. I don't have many problems beating some of the people around my area, but that dosen't mean that I shouldn't try to make my deck better and that is where you come in. Please try to make my deck as good as it can be. Dale Gamez


Prof. Minerva McGonagall



        2 Bludger

        1 Nimbus Two Thousand


        10 Care Of Magical Creatures

        10 Transfiguration


        4 Cunning Fox

        2 Devil's Snare

        1 Fluffy

        2 Guard Dog

        2 Trevor

        2 Unicorn


        2 Catch The Snitch

        2 Cobbing

        2 Fouled!

        2 Hagrid And The Stranger

        2 Incarcifors

        2 Ouch!

        2 Out Of Control

        2 Searching For The Snitch

        2 Steelclaw

        2 Take Root


        2 Ravenclaw Match

        2 Slytherin Match




 Hola Dale! First thing I noticed is you need Quidditch power coming from somewhere. Either you meant to have Hooch, or you meant for the Transfig to be Quidditch. We’ll end up “transfiguring” your Transfiguration Lessons into Quidditch lessons. ;)



 Keep McGonagall, one of the best starters, even if you did intend to have Hooch. :D



+1 Gaze into the Mirror

+1 4 Privet Drive

 Have one of each of the spell stoppers, just so you have a choice. If you want to just use one, go right ahead, but otherwise, you can try to find Gaze if your opponent does damage spells, like potions, and Privet if he does spells that don’t do damage. Probably if you wanted to stop most things, Privet would work, but discarding 6 cards is something many people take for granted since Privet has been in the metagame for so long. Gaze makes it were the cards they discard have to be “spell” cards, so it’s a little bit harder to solve. If you’ve played a Fouled the turn before they solve it, it’s like they just get their normal actions instead. :)



+1 Norbert

+2 Vicious Wolf

-1 Fluffy

-2 Devil's Snare

 Fluffy is really kind of big for the little amount of lessons you have in this deck. Norbert is a good replacement because I’ve accually seen a drop in the number of Norberts since the new set came out and everyone tries to use Fluffy. Biggest isn’t always the best. Replace the Snares with Wolves. Snapes are costing you lessons and Wolves are pretty good damage dealers.



+2 Steelclaw

+2 Fouled!

+1 Comet Two Sixty

-1 Nimbus Two Thousand

-2 Bludger

-2 Ouch!

-2 Out Of Control

 More Steelclaws are good. Add more Fouled so they get less play time. Replace Nimbus with Comet 2-60, because 1 damage on the few quidditch spells you have won’t do too much, and it’s usually better to be able to get it out earlier and prevent damage so you won’t lose your matches as fast. :) Take out Bludgers, Ouch, and OoC for more room.



+10 Quidditch

-10 Transfiguration

 Need Quidditch power from somewhere and McGonagall already provides Transfig, so swap em.


Change that up and you should be ready to play. :D