Hooch's Golden Charms

My idea of this deck is to start with Hooch and lay down 2 lessons on my first turn.On my 2nd turn, I can search for comet 2-60 and have 4 lessons, and can play most of my spells, or luckily have my Borrowed Wand and play it, and ill have 6 lessons in play.The main theme is quick damage and I can attack both the opponent and his/her creatures with this deck.My only concern is FLUFFY!!!I was wondering if maybe some Wingardium Levosia, Logic puzzles, and if I have to Adventures, would work in here too.But thatís your decision.Thanks, FluffysMaster.

Madam Rolanda Hooch


††† 1 Nimus 2000

††† 1 Borrowed wand

††† 1 Comet 2-60


††† 15 Charms


††† 4 Fouled

††† 4 Ouch

††† 4 Stupefy

††† 4 Vermilious

††† 4 Stream of Flames

††† 4 Toe Biter

††† 4 Bluebell Flames

††† 4 Charms Exams

††† 4 Rope Bind

††† 2 Cobbing

††† 2 Slytherin Match

††† 2 Catch the Snitch




Howdy FluffysMaster! First thing I noticed about your deck is its lack of lessons. Letís see what we can do about that.



Hooch goes with the theme in this deck.



+4 Pep Talk

Pep Talk might not look that good at first, but itíll help your deck more than you think. Pep Talk + Fouled makes no free actions for your opponent next turn (unless he/she solves it before they have to draw). Since Pep Talk makes your opponent waste an action drawing a card, they only have one action, which isnít enough to play Privet or Gaze.Plus, their hand will probably get pretty big drawing an extra card every turn and only getting 1 action to use the cards, so when you play Charm Exam itíll hurt them more. ;)



No creatures in this deck.Might seem weak to Privet or Gaze until you get Pep Talk out to stop them. Just watch out if they can solve it easily.



+1 Borrowed Wand

+1 Cobbing

-1 Ouch

-4 Bluebell Flames

-1 Charms Exams

-1 Nimbus 2000

-1 Rope Bind

-2 Toe Biter

Borrowed Wand is good extra boost of power. Cobbing discards an opponentís card from play while doing damage. Good way to help clean the board. Ouch might help get rid of your opponentís good cards (maybe Fluffy even) before he can play them, but gota make room. Dropping the four overpriced Bluebell Flames will free up some good room. Charms Exam and Nimbus wonít be played early so you donít need as much of them, plus C2-60 is the better broom in this deck since youíve got more Charms damage than Quidditch really. Rope Bind and Toe Biter are a bit weak so drop a couple for more room.



+5 Charms

15 lessons just wonít cut it. I sometimes even have trouble with 22 lessons, so bring this up to at least 20. This helps insure that you get enough lessons in your starting hand to do your C2-60 combo. ;)


Hereís the new deck list:


//NAME: Hooch's Golden Charms

// Characters

††††††† 1 Madam Rolanda Hooch

// Adventures

††††††† 4 Pep Talk

// Flying

††††††† 2 Slytherin Match

††††††† 1 Comet Two Sixty

††††††† 4 Fouled!

††††††† 3 Ouch!

††††††† 3 Cobbing

†††††† 2 Catch the Snitch

// Charms

††††††† 2 Borrowed Wand

††††††† 2 Rope Bind

††††††† 2 Toe Biter

††††††† 4 Vermillious

††††††† 4 Stream of Flames

††††††† 4 Stupefy

††††††† 3 Charms Exam

// Lessons

††††††† 20 Charms

Fix that and youíll be ready to go in a jiffy. ^_^