Hi profpoke!


I have had been building my deck for a while and i think its pretty good. I do not have a shortage of cards. My strategy is to use Hermione to shovel out lessons to get ready for some big potions fast and to use little creatures here and there so i don't waste my the entire beginning of the game on lessons. Well here it is...


Starting Character: Hermione Granger

Hannah Abbott



1 4 Privet Drive

1 In the stands

2 Unusual Pets

1 Gringotts Cart Ride



2 Stream of Flames

2 Toe Biter

2 Boil Cure

2 Draught of Living Death

1 Mysterious Egg

3 Stupefy

2 Dogbreath Potion

2 Hospital Wing



2 Pewter Cauldron



2 Boa Contrictor

1 Giant Tarantula

3 Forest Troll

1 Guard Dog

1 Kelpie

1 Cunning Fox

1 Cobra Lily

4 Vicious Wolf



7 Care of Magical Creatures

7 Charms

7 Potions




 Hey there! Interesting deck you have here. Let’s see what could make it better.



 Hermione should help your deck if you add more lessons. Hannah is ok here too incase you want to get one of your cards that you’ve discarded.



+1 4 Privet Drive

+1 In the stands

+2 Into the Forbidden Forest

-2 Unusual Pets

-1 Gringotts’ Cart Ride

 Privet will protect you and your cards from your opponent’s spells for a while.  In the Stands seems to hurt creature decks more than Unusual Pets now. The Forbidden Forest helps increase your fast creatures damage. Cart Ride doesn’t seem to fit with this deck.



+1 Trevor

+1 Scabbers

+2 Cunning Fox

+2 Curious Raven

+3 Baby Dragon

-1 Giant Tarantula

-1 Guard Dog

-1 Kelpie

-1 Cobra Lily

-1 Vicious Wolf

-2 Boa Constrictor

-3 Forest Troll

 Trevor has the same ability as Kelpie except it returns a lesson to your hand instead of discard one when you play it. Scabbers is good if you play against an anti-creatures deck. Cunning Fox is the newest goodie from QC. Curious Raven is fast and cheap. Baby Dragon does as much as the Wolves but comes out sooner at the expense of a lesson. Tarantula, Lily, and Troll aren’t as good as these replacements. Drop the Boas, a Wolf and the Dog to make room for speed.



+1 Swarm!

+2 Borrowed Wand

+2 Halloween Feast

+2 Bruiswort Balm

+2 Malevolent Mixture

-1 Mysterious Egg

-1 Stupefy

-2 Toe Biter

-2 Boil Cure

-2 Pewter Cauldron

-2 Draught of Living Death

 You’ve got enough creatures to not need the Egg. Trade it out for Swarm! since you could do mucho damage once you get a lot of your creatures on the board. Borrowed Wand is better power than the Cauldron since you don’t have to discard, and the cauldron can’t be discarded to pay costs anyways. Halloween Feast will help get back any creatures that get discarded. Bruisewort Balm is a bit better than Boil because you get to “shuffle” up to 5 cards back into your deck instead of 4 on the bottom. Replace DoLD with Malevolent Mixtures. Streams of Flames do the work of Toe Biter. Drop a Stupefy for lesson room.



+3 Potions

-1 Charms

 Potion decks usually need a bit more lessons than any other type.


Here’s the new decklist:


//NAME: Potions Kick Bootay

// Characters

        1 Hermione Granger

        1 Hannah Abbott

// Adventures

        2 Into the Forbidden Forest

        2 In the Stands

        2 4 Privet Drive

// Potions

        2 Bruiswort Balm

        2 Hospital Wing

        2 Malevolent Mixture

        2 Dogbreath Potion

// Charms

        2 Borrowed Wand

        2 Halloween Feast

        2 Stream of Flames

        2 Stupefy

// Creatures

        2 Curious Raven

        1 Trevor

        3 Baby Dragon

        1 Scabbers

        3 Cunning Fox

        1 Swarm!

        3 Vicious Wolf

// Lessons

        10 Potions

        6 Charms

        7 Care of Magical Creatures

Looks like a pretty decent deck. Good work!