This deck is basically an all creature deck with enormous draw power and

speed all together doing constant damage to your opponent while making your

opponent think twice as hard for his/her next action being played.


Strategy- Use Hermione's Power to play as many lessons as you can in the

first few turns, playing all your cages as well, which also provides CMC

power. Trying to get as many unicorns and lessons in play, by a delivery owl

for early draw power or Mysterious eggs.Once you have 6+ lessons you should

have at least 3-6 actions per turn.Keep this in consideration while

building your setup, once your opponent plays a creature play your

adventure unusual pets (and if you have extra actions use your cage or fluffy

falls asleep and put in back in their hand, making them think twice as hard

as what to do next.)

After your setup is almost complete, with your opponent taking 4 damage

everytime its your turn just keep sending his creatures back and if he

has too many to send back,now you can drop a Prof. Flitwick anduse

wingardium leviosa and stall a bit till you get a set up, along with ollivanders

to get your cages back.

And Finally start playing all your big creatures such as the mountain

trolls, norbert, etc.And you also have Hagrid and the stranger to retrieve

any creature.

It sounds like a long setup but remember you have at least 3-6 actions

usually and you can do alot in those turns.


Monoceros- a constalation unicorn

-61 cards

Starting Character- 1x Hermione Granger


Characters- 2x Prof. Flitwick


Lessons- 19x Care of Magical Creatures


Creatures (16)

4x Unicorn

3x Curious Raven

2x Boa Constrictor

2x Delivery Owl

2x Mountain Troll

1x Norbert

1x Baby Dragon

1x Vicious Wolf


Spells (15)

4x Mysterous egg

3x Hagrid and the Stranger

3x Fluffy falls asleep

3x Wingardium Leviosa

2x Olivanders


Items (4)

4x Cage


Adventures (4)

4x Unusual Pets


thanks for your time.





Howdy! Here is yet another great example of how good your decks can be even without potions. :P Letís see how this turns up in the end. ;)



+2 Harry Potter

+2 Rubeus Hagrid

-1 Hermoine

-1 Flitwick

Your new starter shall be Flitwick. That makes sure you always are able to play your few charms spells and also provides for an extra power early in the game. Hermoine isnít that great in this deck. Drop 1 Flitwick since heíll be starter. Also, by having Flitwick as your starter, your opponent might assume youíre playing a spell deck, and play his privet as soon as he can get it. This could actually help you if he also ran Unusual Pets with his adventures. Bluffs are always fun to use. ;D



+1 Norbert

+2 Baby Dragons

+2 Vicious Wolves

+1 Mountain Troll

-3 Ravens

-2 Boas

-2 Owls

Take out the Owls since we have Harry, and Harry is better. Boas and Ravens are weak compared to Baby Dragon and Wolves. Add one more Norbert in case your one and only gets discarded some how. Add an M Troll and weíre done here.



Unusual Pets will help with damage if your opponent is running creatures in his deck. The only thing I might suggest is if you donít normally face a lot of creature decks, and you run into spell decks more often, switch out the Pets for Privets. If you have a balanced amount then you may just want to run 2 Privet and 2 Pets. This part Iíll leave up to you.



+1 Ollivanders

-3 Fluffy Falls Asleep

We donít really need Fluffy since we have Cages. Ollivanders will help get those Cages back after you use them.



+1 CMC

Add one more Care for Magical Creatures Lesson, since we may be discarding a bit of those for the Unicorns, Norbert, and Baby Dragon.


And here we have it:


//NAME: Monoceros - A Constellation Unicorn

// Characters

††††††† 1 Professor Filius Flitwick

††††††† 2 Harry Potter

††††††† 2 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures

††††††† 4 Unusual Pets

// Items

††††††† 4 Cage

// Creatures

††††††† 3 Baby Dragon

††††††† 2 Norbert

††††††† 4 Unicorn

††††††† 3 Vicious Wolf

††††††† 3 Mountain Troll

// Spells

††††††† 3 Ollivanders

††††††† 3 Wingardium Leviosa!

††††††† 4 Mysterious Egg

††††††† 3 Hagrid and the Stranger

// Lessons

††††††† 20 Care of Magical Creatures


Nice Creatures deck, keep up the good work!

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