"Snape's Damage and Heal"

Professor Severus Snape        

Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up (3)
Magical Mishap (4)
Boil Cure (3)
Snape's Questions (2)
Hospital Wing (2)
Foul Brew (2)

Toe Biter (3)
Noxious Potion (2)
Malevolent Mixture (1)

Out of the Woods (1)
Forgetfulness Potion (1)
Dogbreath Potion (1)
Confundus (1)
Potions Exam (1)
Blueball Flames (1)
Incendio (1)

Phoenix Feather Wand (1)
Silver Cauldron (1)
Pewter Cauldron (2)

Dragon Heart Wand (1)

Hermione Granger (1)

14 Potions
11 Charms

Profpoke, to me, my deck needs help.  My deck strategy here is to preserve my
deck using healing cards but to also use high damage cards withought having a
high lesson costs.  I use the wands and cauldrons to get as many lessons out
for my high spells in fewer turns than usual.  I use the confundus,
forgetfulness potion, and Out of the woods to stall and help me when i am in
a jam.  I am in doubt about some of my potion cards because i have to discard
potion lessons to use them and i need cards that will help me inflict more
damage on my opponent but have a low lesson cost and i need cards that will
help extend my action.  I am not sure about how i am to guard myself from
heavy attacks from creatures that constantly inflict damage unless discarded.
 Please help me out with this deck!!!  I know, in my opinion when u finish
looking at it an change some stuff around that it will be a powerful deck!!!
That is why they call u the professor, u know what to do and u can help
people in their quest to become the ultimate wizard!!  Thanks for your help
in making everyone's decks better, u r a great help.




Hey ya Cesar! Nice color-coding there. Really helps me when I try to make these decks for ya. ;) I noticed your use of a lot of singles so Iím guessing you might be short on cards. Try the following.



Snape is a great starter because heís a power provider, and his free healing ability doesnít hurt either. :D Most Potion decks have Snape so this one isnít any different. Hermoine is available from the starter decks and will help speed your lessons for ya.



No Creatures in this spell deck.



No adventures either make for room for your spell cards. This deck would do great in a No Adventures Tourney Iím planning on hosting sometime. You wouldnít have to worry about Privet Drive. =D



+1 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

+1 Boil Cure

+2 Snapeís Question

+1 Dogbreath Potion

+1 Toe Biter

+1 Dragon Heart Wand

+4 Vermillious

+1 Confundus

-1 Mixture

-1 Forget Potion

-1 Silver Cauldron

-2 Hospital wing

-2 Fowl Brew

-1 Phoenix Feather Wand

-1 Incendo

-1 Bluebell Flames

-1 Out of the Woods

Max out on Pompfrey and Boil Cure to get good healing without discard. Add two more Snapes Questions because the are great and 1 more Dogbreath Potion since its nice too. Dropped the Mixtures, Forget, Silver, and Hospital so you wont have to discard much of your lessons. Fowl Brews can be bettered in Charms section.

An extra Toe Biter helps with creatures while hurting opponent. Stay with 2 Dragon Wands and add 1 more Confundus. Four Vermillious help control creatures too if need be. Incendo is good in pure charms deck. Bluebell costs too much for results. Drop Woods. You may want to use Stupefy instead of Vermillious if you donít have many problems with creatures.



-1 Potions

You now have 24 lessons, which happens to be a good number when running Hermoine and Potions.


Change those and youíll have this:


//NAME: Snape's Damage and Heal

// Characters

††††††† 1 Professor Severus Snape

††††††† 1 Hermione Granger

// Charm Spells

†††††† 2 Dragon Heart Wand

††††††† 4 Vermillious

††††††† 2 Confundus

††††††† 4 Toe Biter

††††††† 4 Magical Mishap

// Potion Spells

††††††† 2 Pewter Cauldron

††††††† 1 Potions Exam

††††††† 2 Dogbreath Potion

††††††† 2 Noxious Potion

††††††† 4 Snape's Question

††††††† 4 Boil Cure

††††††† 4 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

// Lessons

††††††† 11 Charms

††††††† 13 Potions


Pretty decent as a Potions deck can get. =P

Deck on Apprentice here.