Charms R Us (Discard/Burn)


1 Draco Malfoy (discard)

2 Professor Filius Flitwick (Lesson Acceleration and Recursion)

4 Gingott's Cart Ride (discard)


2 Out of the Woods (discard/creature hate)

4 Confundus (Discard)

4 Titillando (Discard/Burn)

4 Magical Mishap (Burn)

4 Toe Bitter (Burn)

4 Stupefy (Burn)

4 Wingardium Leviosa (anti-Creatures)

2 History of Magic (Stop 4 Privet Drive)

2 Logic Puzzle (Stop 4 Privet Drive)

2 Borrowed Wand (Lesson Acceleration)

2 Accio (Get Back Lessons)


20 Charms


I wanted to try out a deck that only ran one lesson in order to be able

to not have to worry about what kind of lessons I'm drawing. After

looking at the cards I decided to go for Charms since it has direct damage

and Discard Spells. I am not sure how well the deck works since I have

nobody to try it out against and for the most part just finished making

it. I tried to get a good mix of costs for the cards. I have 4 cards

that cost 1 Charm, 8 cards at 2 Charms, 6 cards at 3 Charms, 6 cards at 5

Charms, 8 cards at 6 Charms, and 4 Cards at 9 Charms. I did this mostly

in order to be able to play something every turn as easily as possible.

I chose Draco as my Main Character because I figure I can get rid of my

hand quickly and then start getiing rid of more cards from my opponents

hand. Professor Filius Flitwick is mostly to get out some earlier cards

and eventually get back a Stupefy or Titillando to get in the final

points of Damage.

†††† This Deck is extremely scared of 4 Privet Drive so I took out some

burn in order to play Logic Puzzle and History of Magic. History of

MAgic goes along with the Discard theme, which is what should hopefully

deal with most threats. Logic Puzzle is mainly for any Lessons that slip

through in the first 2 turns.

†††† Gringotts' Cart Ride not only goes along with the whole Discard

theme but also slowls my opponent considerably when they try to solve it.

Even if it is solved and they get to draw 5 cards, the rest of the

discard should help and not to mention they draw 5 cards!!! That puts them

5 cards deeper into the deck, its practically another burn spell for me


†††† I expect to see alot of creature decks, like all of "The Boy Who

Lived" decks. Simply because Hagrid is scary. So I added in Wingardium

Leviosa in order to buy me a few turns against that deck. I was also

thinking about playing Reptile House to slow that deck down a bit but I am

not sure how much that would help.



Ernesto Pichardo



Hola Ernesto! So far, a lot of the decks Iíve fixed here have potions in them. Iím glad I finally got to work without potions for a change, and I know youíll love seeing new things in here too. (^_^)



The numbers here are good. If you seem to have a lot of Flitwick in your area, you may want to change Flitwick to your starter, drop 1 for an extra Malfoy. If they choose him as starter, youíd never be able to play him unless he was your starter too. ;x



We wonít be having any creatures in this Pure Charms Deck.



Gringottís Cart Ride goes along well with Malfoy. When play-testing this deck, I found that your opponent gets very annoyed if you pop another one out right after they solve it. ;D Thatís why 4 is a good number. =)



+4 Vermillious

+2 Dragon Heart Wand

-2 Borrowed Wands

-2 Logic Puzzles

-1 Titillando

-1 Confundus

Vermillious should help if you have any creature troubles, along with the Toe Biters and Leviosas. =) Switch out the Borrowed wands for Dragon hearts since you should have enough to play them. Logic Puzzles wonít affect Privet if its already on the table. Titillando is good but costs too much to have 4 in the deck. Drop a confundus to fit all this in.



Good number of lessons here. Nothing else needs changing.


We end up with something like this:


//NAME: Charms R Us (Discard/Burn)

// Starter

††††††† 1 Draco Malfoy

††††††† 2 Professor Filius Flitwick

// Adventures

††††††† 4 Gringotts' Cart Ride

// Spells

††††††† 4 Wingardium Leviosa!

††††††† 4 Magical Mishap

††††††† 2 Accio

††††††† 2 History of Magic

††††††† 4 Toe Biter

††††††† 2 Dragon Heart Wand

††††††† 4 Vermillious

††††††† 3 Confundus

††††††† 2 Out of the Woods

††††††† 4 Stupefy

††††††† 3 Titillando

// Lessons

††††††† 20 Charms


Good work on a pure charms deck!

Deck available for Apprentice here.