Darn them for more cardboard!!!!
Ok this game is great, many Magic players are saying so in my area, and I
mean 20-30 year-olds, not little young kids.  So anyway here's my absolutely
fun deck!!

Liz's Troll Toadie Deck
Starting Wizard: Professor Snape

Adventures: (5)
3 Troll in the Bathroom
2 Reptile House

Creatures: (10)
3 Mountain Troll
3 Forest Troll
4 Pet Toad

Items: (3)
1 Cage
2 Pewter Cauldron

Spells: (14)
3 Noxious Poison
4 Hospital Wing
2 Malevolent Mixture
2 Draught of Living Death
3 Dungbomb

Lessons: (28)
12 Care of Magical Creatures
16 Potions

OK, the strategy is beatdown with the Trolls, and extra big damage with the
potions' spells.  The toads absorb spell damage, and Snape's healing comes in
as a panic button.  His extra potion helps me for the spells which need me to
sack a potion lesson.  I always seem to have enough potions to sack, and the
Reptile house adventure early helps me out a lot, even if they have Hermione
out.  Its extremely fun to play, I just need item removal or something, but
usually I can make then discard it.  I;m still working on it, and I need to
trade for more cards, so then I can improve on it!
Thanks bunch for the website!!!

"4 out of 5 twenty-somethings agree Harry Potter is better than Magic!"




 Howdy Liz! I like seeing successful theme decks, not just stuff that has no meaning. This is a great example so I’ll see what we can do to stay with the theme and get good results. ;)



 Professor Snape looks a little trollish to me. :P Even if it doesn’t, he still makes a great Starting Character for healing and Potion Power.



+1 Forest Troll

+2 Cage

 Troll, good, yes… yummmm… Oh yeah, since he’s quick to get out first turn, good to have more. Mountain Troll is slower, so leave him and Toad likes they is. Need some more Cages for power and to trap them big ‘ol creatures in too.



 Troll in the Bathroom? I think he should have used the bathroom before he got here. =\ Anyways your adventures fit your theme and are very fine, especially the Bathroom. ;x The reptile house makes me wana add Boas, but I shall refrain. ;D



+2 Malevolent Mixture

-2 Draught

-1 Dungbomb

 Dungbombs only protect you from Adventures and Creatures, so I take out one. They do help against Unusual Pets and big creature Hagrid decks. I traded out the Draughts for Mixtures, which can come out very earlier since you’ll usually be low on lessons for discarding and rarely make it up to the 8P level.



-2 CMC

 Having twenty-eight lessons is high enough for us to drop 2 to make room.


After your Trolls are finished rummaging the deck, you’d have this:


//NAME: Liz's Troll Toadie Deck

// Characters

        1 Professor Severus Snape

// Adventures

        3 Troll in the Bathroom

        2 Reptile House

// Creatures

        4 Forest Troll

        3 Mountain Troll

        4 Pet Toad

// Items

        3 Cage

        2 Pewter Cauldron

// Spells

        3 Noxious Potion

        4 Hospital Wing

        4 Malevolent Mixture

        2 Dungbomb

// Lessons

        16 Potions

        10 Care of Magical Creatures


Good job on a playable theme deck!

Get this deck for Apprentice here.