My deck is called " Norbert Who?" because it's creature free.


Starting Character: Pro. Flitwick


Creatures: 0


Adventures: 4

3 4Pivet Drive

1 Unusual Pets


Character cards: 2

2 Harry Potter


Spell cards:


3 Malevolent Mixture

3 Draught of Living Death

4 Dogbreath Potion

3 Snape's Queation

1 Elixer of Life

4 Magical Mishap

4 Vermillious

4 Blueball Flames

4 Stupefy

1 Obliviate

3 Accio


Lessons: 20

20 Potions


Hey Profpoke! I stuck to a creature free, yet hard hitting spell deck. I think creatures are to much of a hastle. A single card can take out the best of them, not to mention Transfiguration exam. So I tossed my creatures. I start with Flitwick to omit all charm lessons in my deck. This way I can stick to potions. The object of this deck is to do damage from the very beginning. Magical Mishap And Snapes Question are great for this. Eventually I can bring out the heavy hitters dealing from 8 to 12 damage. Harry Potter is a huge help when your

looking for these hard hitting cards.

I would hold back Vermillious and Blue ball Flames to kill of creatures. 4 Pivet Drive speaks for it self. Unusual pets can deal out big damage making your opponent discard more creatures. Obliviate should be used right before you play Unusual pets.

If your opponent only has 1 creature out in a low creature deck, he'll feel the pain. If your lucky enough to come by Elixer of Life you can bring those heavy hitters you used back into your deck while using Accio to bring back even more of the potions that has been discarded. Your biggest fear hear is a 4 pivet drive. I can stall you for a while. If your really scared of this card you can change a Potter for a Malfoy but I wouldn't recomend this. Potter is to important to this deck and needs to come out as fast as possible. Hope you like my deck.


Big Mike




Heya Big Mike! Youíve defiantly got an interesting deck here. I havenít seen many people play Charms/Potions, but this deck looks really good. Letís see if I can do anything to make it even better. =D



Your Character choices here are very good. From what Pojo pointed out to use about Flitwick, we know that you donít need Charm lessons and still get to play all those killer Charm spells. =D Harry does especially well here since your deck is prone to Privet Drive itself. Harry helps you get what you need or even recover from the drive.



+0 Big Furry Monster! Aaahh! Wrong game =\

Obviously, a no creature deck would have no creaturesÖ What am I still doing here? ;x



+1 Pets

-1 Drive

Unusual pets will really help you a lot from creature decks. Most people will try not to let this Adventure go unsolved, so try to play it before Drive. If you get a Drive first turn, thou, itís usually good play it.



+2 Hospital Wing

+2 Toe Biter

-1 Draught

-1 Dogbreath Potion

-1 Elixir of Life

-1 Obliviate

-2 Bluebell Flames

-1 Stupefy

The Elixir is too costly and you might not get to it with only one in the deck. I replaced it with 2 Hospital Wings, which cost only 4P instead of 10P and only need 1 P to discard. This is good since youíll want those extra potion lessons out there for Draught or Mixture. I found that this deck get to around 5 power fairly quickly, so I dropped 1 of each card that was more than 5 power in cost, which resulted in draught and dogbreath being cut.

Obliviate is even more expensive than Elixir. Youíre not focusing on hand disruption, youíre goal is direct damage for the most part. Toe Biter is great for dealing damage to your opponent and one of his creatures. Bluebell is a little expensive for itís result so weíll only use two. Drop one Stupefy and weíll be done here.



+3 Potions

Potion decks do need a lot of Potion Lessons especially when using a lot of cards that discard your lessons.


After those minor changes (and a couple of phunnies with the creatures), we have this:


//NAME: Norbert Who? - Big Mike

// Characters

††††††† 1 Professor Filius Flitwick

††††††† 2 Harry Potter

// Adventures

††††††† 2 4 Privet Drive

††††††† 2 Unusual Pets

// Potion Spells

††††††† 3 Snape's Question

††††††† 2 Hospital Wing

††††††† 3 Malevolent Mixture

††††††† 3 Dogbreath Potion

††††††† 2 Draught of Living Death

// Charm Spells

††††††† 3 Accio

††††††† 4 Magical Mishap

††††††† 2 Toe Biter

††††††† 4 Vermillious

††††††† 3 Stupefy

††††††† 2 Bluebell Flames

// Lessons

††††††† 23 Potions


Congrats Big Mike on an original yet effective deck!

Available on Apprentice here.