Hayloo! This is my deck, "Wrath of Hermione!". O.K, so it's a cheesy name, but anyway, it's comprised of both of the starter deck's cards. The strategy is to deal quick damage by using cards like Forest Troll, Stupefy, and Magical Mishap. PLEASE keep in mind, I have extremely limited supplies, but I will probably get at least 2 boosters soon. Here is the deck:


Characters: 1

1 Hermione


Spells: 21

2 Avifors

3 Vermillious

2 Accio

2 Epoximise

2 Hagrid And The Stranger

3 Incarcifors

3 Magical Mishap

2 Take Roots

2 Stupefy


Creatures: 14

2 Boa Constrictors

2 Surly Hounds

3 Forest Trolls

4 Curious Ravens

3 Vicious Wolves


Lessons: 25

7 Transfigurations

11 CMC

7 Charms


See 'ya!


Mike   e-mail to mariomaniacs@home.com




 Hayloo Mike! Thanks for telling me about your shortage on cards. I’ll try to use cards that should be easy to find, and still make a good deck. ;) Here we go..



 Since all the characters are holo-rares, the probably would not be easy to get. If you do get one you like, try dropping something to fit it in and see how it works.



+2 Giant Tarantula

-1 Forest Trolls

-2 Ravens

 The spiders only cost 1 CMC and are common so they are great for first turn creatures if you get them. I took out 1 Troll and 2 Ravens since the ravens do less damage and the Troll does the same damage but costs more. You should have 2 of each creature now (except for the wolves cuz they’re awesome. :P)



 All the Adventures are either uncommon, rare, or holo-rare. Normally uncommons would be as easy to get as commons, but they only give you 2 uncommons in a pack for some reason. ( I thought it used to be 3 uncommons in pkmn and magic. =\ ) If you do get a Privet Drive or something else you would like to try, feel free to take out some cards and stick them in to see how it does.



+2 Toe Biter

+2 Steelclaw

+3 Lost Notes

-1 Vermillious

-2 Take Roots

-2 Afivors

-2 Epoximise

 Toe Biters are great for hurting your opponent and his creatures. Steel claws are great for when you have most of your creatures out. Lost Notes replace Afivors and Epoximise because it doesn’t require a specific type of lesson to discard or you could discard an Item if you wanted to! The Incarcifors are better than Take Root because you get to choose the creature instead. If your opponent had a Norbert and a Raven in play, which do you think he would want the most? ;)



+1 Charms

 Since we have a bit more charms than transfiguration spells, we’ll add 1 more charm lesson. Extra lessons are never a bad thing with Hermoine. If you want to substitute anything in it might now hurt to drop some of these lessons first.


With those changes taken care of, we have this:


//NAME: Wrath of Hermoine! – By Mike

// Character

        1 Hermione Granger

// Spells

        2 Accio

        3 Magical Mishap

        2 Toe Biter

        2 Vermillious

        2 Stupefy

        2 Hagrid and the Stranger

        2 Steelclaw

        3 Lost Notes

        3 Incarcifors

// Creatures

        2 Giant Tarantula

        2 Curious Raven

        2 Forest Troll

        2 Surly Hound

        2 Boa Constrictor

        3 Vicious Wolf

// Lessons

        8 Charms

        7 Transfiguration

        11 Care of Magical Creatures


Play-testing shows this deck to do fairly well. Good job Mike!

Test this deck on Apprentice here.