Dear profpoke: i made this deck with the main idea

being creatures with a few back up spells a and a

couple adventures. here it is:


3 characters:

†† 2 Rubeus Hagrid (1 as starter)

†† 1 Harry Potter


35 lessons:

†† 25 Care of magical Creatures

†† 10 Charms


8 spells:

†† 4 potions

†† 4 Hagrid and the Stranger


14 Creatures:

†† 2 Mountain Troll

†† 4 Forest Troll

†† 4 Vicious Wolf

†† 2 Curios Raven

†† 1 Baby Dragon

†† 1 Kelpie


I feel i lack spells and the creatures could use a

tune up. Please help me out and fix it up! thanks for

your time- Allen





Hola Allen! I just noticed when I was done that your deck only had 60 cards. I was too lazy to throw it out after all my work, so Iíll spare you this time. ;x Since the title of your deck was Calling All Creatures, Iíve decided to keep this deck mono-creatures.



+1 Hermione Granger

Hagrid is neither a Witch nor a Wizard, so you canít have him as your starter. Harry is good to draw cards youíll need, but lets add Hermione as the starter because youíll need lessons out fast to play your creatures.



+2 Norbert

+2 Delivery Owls

+3 Pet Toads

+2 Baby Dragons

-4 Forest Trolls

-2 Ravens

-1 Kelpie

The Owls help you draw extra cards, while the Toads protect you from spell damage while youíre trying to find the Privets Iím about to add in. ;) Norbert is the king of creature decks, so naturally youíd want him in here. Add a couple more Baby Dragons and all your creatures get Hagridís bonus applied to them. (Except for the Owls and Toads, of course :P)



+3 4 Privet Drive

Since this deck doesnít rely heavly on spells, you can play Privet against those decks that do to protect your creatures.



+4 Mysterious Egg

+3 Cages

-4 Potions

-1 Stranger

Youíre right about needing some spells. I have no idea why you included Potions here; the only card called Potions I know of is the Lesson, and you wouldnít have potion lessons to play it if it were some other card. =\ Drop the Strangers by 1.

Our eggs will help use get Norbert out or any other creature we need. The Cages are good for providing Power and letting your sac them to return a creature to itís ownerís hand. Most useful when you want to play Norbert and your opponent already has him out. ;)



+3 CMC

-10 Charms

By just looking at your deck, Iíd think that lessons were your strategy here. :P Any were between 21-28 is what I recommend for decks, depending on strategy of course. Your deck has Hermoine so weíll take the extra lessons. I still havenít figured out why you had Charm Lessons in here. =\


Now that weíve gotten all that take care of, you should have something like this:


//NAME: Calling All Creatures! Ė By Allen

// Characters

††††††† 1 Hermione Granger

††††††† 1 Harry Potter

††††††† 2 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures

††††††† 3 4 Privet Drive

// Creatures

††††††† 2 Delivery Owl

††††††† 3 Pet Toad

††††††† 3 Baby Dragon

††††††† 2 Norbert

††††††† 4 Vicious Wolf

††††††† 2 Mountain Troll

// Spells

††††††† 3 Cage

††††††† 4 Mysterious Egg

††††††† 3 Hagrid and the Stranger

// Lessons

††††††† 28 Care of Magical Creatures


Looks much better than before. ;x

This deck is available for Apprentice here.