"Harry Potters Adventure In Potions"


Starting Character: Harry Potter


Spells: (22)

4 Foul Brew

4 Erumpent Potion

3 Draught of Living Death

3 Snapeís Question

3 Forgetfulness Potion

2 Malevolent Mixture

2 Apothecary

1 Noxious Poison


Spells * Healing: (11)

4 Hospital Wing

4 Burning Bitterroot Balm

3 Boil Cure


Adventures: (2)

2 Dragonís Escape


Characters: (2)

2 Professor Severus Snape


Lessons: (23)

23 Potions


Hello, Profpoke. My deck initial strategy is to get

the key cards I need with Harry Potters ability. Then

to lay as much damage as possible and then recycle my

deck as the game goes and continue this process until

I make all of my opponents cards disappear. This makes

the opponent actually have to deal 151 damage if all

of the recycling cards are used including Professor

Severus Snapes ability instead of the usual 53. I hope

you can help tweak this deck.


Matt L

a.k.a. Punisher




Howdy Matt! Your math might be a little off because each turn your drawing a card, not to mention if you use Potterís ablility, and so he could accually have to do less than that if he really wanted to. Sounds confusing but I bet someone would probably start a topic on the message board about this. :P Potion decks are fun to work with and your has been fun fixing. ;) Letís see how I decided to tackle this one.



Good character choices here, the student and the teacher. ;) Potter gets your cards while Snapeís awesome healing ability and providing potion power fits great with this deckís theme.



+2 Peeves Causes Trouble

-2 Dragonís Escape

The escape is really too easy to solve in late game. You have to wait until the beginning of your turn for him to even take the first 1 damage. If he solved it the turn after you played it, he wouldnít take any, and more than likely youíd be taking 3.

Peeves, on the other hand, makes your opponent have to skip 5 of his precious actions. Thatís at least 2 or 3 turns that Peeves damages him. And even if your opponent decided to Apparate Peeves instead of solving it, youíre guaranteed the first 1 damage from him drawing his card that turn. When it does get solved, you take three damage, but you were already planning to heal the damage from Escape anyways. ;)



+1 Snape's Question

+1 Malevolent Mixture

+1 Noxious Potion

+3 Dogbreath Potion

-2 Apothecary

-1 Forgetfulness Potion

-1 Erumpent Potion

-1 Draught of Living Death

-1 Foul Brew

Apothecary makes you discard to search for cards, when Potter is your search engine and you might need the extra cards to pay off Privet Drive. Cut back a bit on the really cheap spells and really expensive too. Snapeís Question is marvelous against other non-potion decks. If they play potions, hopefully theyíll have all their lessons in play to pay for discard costs. ;) Mixture is faster than Draught with almost as much damage. Noxious potion is good early game and late game. I have no idea how you could have over looked Dogbreath Potion. Eight damage to discard 1 potion isnít bad when the Mixture does 10 for 2 discards only costing 1 power less.

The healing section of your spells is perfect. I wouldnít change a thing there.



At first I thought this might be too few for a potion deck, but when I play tested it seemed to do well.


A little bit of that, and a pinch of this, and ta-da:


//NAME: Harry Potter's Adventure in Potions

// Characters

††††††† 1 Harry Potter

††††††† 2 Professor Severus Snape

// Adventures

††††††† 2 Peeves Causes Trouble

// Spells

††††††† 4 Snape's Question

††††††† 2 Noxious Potion

††††††† 3 Erumpent Potion

††††††† 3 Foul Brew

††††††† 3 Malevolent Mixture

††††††† 3 Dogbreath Potion

††††††† 2 Forgetfulness Potion

††††††† 2 Draught of Living Death

// Healing

††††††† 3 Boil Cure

††††††† 4 Hospital Wing

††††††† 4 Burning Bitterroot Balm

// Lessons

††††††† 23 Potions


This has been the best potions deck Iíve worked on in a while. Congrats!

Get this deck for Apprentice here.