here's my slytherin deck, vengeance.


Starter: Draco Malfoy

2 Professor Severus Snape


4 Mrs. Norris

4 Kelpie


4 Draught of Living Death

4 Malevolent Mixture

2 Alchemy

2 Apothecary

2 Burning Bitterroot Balm

4 Dogbreath Potion

4 Homework



18 Potion Lesson

6 Transfiguration Lesson

4 Care of Magical Creatures Lesson


this deck basically uses powerful direct damage potions to kill off the opponent. the key is to use alchemy and homework to get your lessons out quick, then throw a few draught of living deaths or malevolent mixtures at em, and they're dead. i realize that this deck is very susceptible to 4 privet drive, and that's why the mrs. norris's are there. you get her out, along with some kelpies to take damage for her, and basically just keep your eye on your opponent's hand. if you see somethin you don't like, you have malfoy's ability . but just in case you don't catch 4 privet drive in time, you solve it, and then use snape or burning bitterroot balm or apothecary to get cards back from your discard pile that you need. well, i hope you can help me with this deck, and thanks in advance.






 Hey Andy! Great deck you’ve put together here. See class, when you follow my guidelines you’ll naturally have a better deck than if you don’t. Andy here has a strategy, plenty of cards to back it up, and still manages to fit it into a 61 card deck. ;)



 Draco really is the best way to try to wipe out Privet Drive. Snape’s ability has the best healing ratio of 7 cards for free, which can be used even with Privet Drive out. Can’t argue with your Character choices here. ;)



-1 Kelpie

 Kelpie costs you your dear Lessons. We’ll take 1 out to fit in some good stuff.



+2 Gringotts' Cart Ride

 Cart Ride goes along very well with Malfoy. They’ll be limited in hand size and it’ll keep shrinking when you use Malfoy. And when your opponent solve it, they get to draw 5 cards, which in the end helps you out.



-1 Homework

 You haven’t gotten enough Transfiguration Lessons to really have 4 Homeworks, and we needed the extra space for Carts. ;)



+1 CMC

-1 Potions

 Four CMC is a bit low when you’ll need to discard some for Kelpie. I hate to sack a valuable Potion, but just 1 potion couldn’t hurt, right? :P


After all that hard work you’ll come up with something like this:


//NAME: Vengeance – Version 1.01

// Characters - 3

        1 Draco Malfoy

        2 Professor Severus Snape

// Creatures - 7

        4 Mrs. Norris

        3 Kelpie

// Adventures - 2

        2 Gringotts' Cart Ride

// Spells - 21

        2 Alchemy

        3 Homework

        2 Apothecary

        4 Malevolent Mixture

        2 Burning Bitterroot Balm

        4 Dogbreath Potion

        4 Draught of Living Death

// Lessons - 28

        17 Potions

        6 Transfiguration

        5 Care of Magical Creatures


Looks the same, but different.

Congratulations on a great deck!

You can get this killer deck for Apprentice here.