"The Boy Who Lived"


Starting Character: Harry Potter


Creatures (16)

4 Curious Raven

4 Vicious Wolf

3 Forest Troll

3 Guard Dog

2 Norbert


Spells (14)

4 Stupefy

4 Vermillious

3 Mysterious Egg

2 Accio

1 Obliviate


Adventures (4)

4 4 Privet Drive


Characters (2)

2 Rubeus Hagrid


Lessons (24)

13 Care of Magical Creatures

11 Charms


Hi, profpoke. My deck's strategy is to lay a clean smackdown on the opponent with hard-hitting Creatures and Hagrid's boosting ability. The Spells and Adventures make things even harder for the opponent, with Stupefy and Vermillious damaging the opponent and their Creatures, and 4 Privet Drive disabling their Spells. Harry Potter adds a speedy card-drawing ability, which helps in finding key cards. I hope you can fix my TCG deck. ;-)


~Gamelord~ aka Jeter Maniack



 Greetings Jeter! I know I just got done with a “Boy Who Lived” Deck, but Jeter here did so well at following my guidelines that I’m willing to post it again. ;) It has exactly 61 cards, gave a good explanation of its strategy and it’s just so well organized. This is the perfect example of the kind of format I expect to see when submitting your decks. Bravo Jeter!



 You’re Character choices here complement your strategy perfectly. No problems here.



+4 Baby Dragons

+3 Mountain Trolls

-4 Curious Ravens

-3 Forest Trolls

 By replacing the creatures that do less that 3 damage with creatures that do 3 or more, everyone gets to enjoy Hagrid’s Bonus. :D I know the Mountain Trolls are rare and it may be hard to get 3, but it’s defiantly worth it. If you can only get 1 or 2, substitute in some Cages or an extra Guard Dog while you try to find them. ;)



 Here you are again, reading my mind. Maxing out on the Drives will “drive” your opponent crazy.



+2 Magical Mishaps

-2 Stupefy

 Most of the cards in your deck can’t be played until you have 4 or 5 lessons in play. With Mishaps you’ll be able to start turn 2. Everything else looks good here. One Obliviate is good enough for most decks. Your Accio will help get back the lessons you discard to pay for the dragons. Eggs get your Berts or Trolls quickly. Vermillious is pest control. Overall, good job on spells.



+1 CMC

-1 Charms

 You’ll be losing more CMC lessons from discarding so naturally, you’d want a bit more.


Will all that out of the way, you’d have this:


//NAME: The Boy Who Lived - The Gamelord Edition

// Characters

        1 Harry Potter

        2 Rubeus Hagrid

// Spells

        4 Vermillious

        3 Mysterious Egg

        2 Accio

        2 Magical Mishap

        2 Stupefy

        1 Obliviate

// Creatures

        4 Baby Dragon

        4 Vicious Wolf

        3 Guard Dog

        3 Mountain Troll

        2 Norbert

// Adventures

        4 4 Privet Drive

// Lessons

        14 Care of Magical Creatures

        10 Charms
The best part of this deck is that the only rares are Harry, Hagrid, Norbert, Mountain Troll, and Obliviate. The rest are either 
commons or uncommons. That’s defiantly a plus when looking to build a good cheap deck. ;)
Congratulations on a great deck!
You can get this killer deck for Apprentice here.