Here is my deck called "The Boy Who Lived" Deck.
well, Here it goes:
1 Harry Potter
1 Dean Thomas
1 Draco Malfoy
1 Hermione Granger

Lessons: 15 Chaarms and 15 Care of Magical creatures.

Items: Cages:2

Adventures: 1 Human Chess game
1 Meet the Centaurs
1 Diagon alley
1 Harry Hunting

Creatures: 1 Guard Dog
1 Mountain Troll
2 Vicious Wolfs
2 Forest Trolls
2 Boa Constrictor

Spell Cards:
1 Obliviate
2 Magical Mishaps
1 Mysterious Egg
2 Nuture
1 Hagrid and the stranger
2 Incendio
1 stupefy
1 fluffy Falls asleep
1 wizard Crackers

Try to fix this deck up a bit! I just got a box of the cards so I will be
able to improve it later!
PS. Will you be making a Harry Potter Magazine?



 Hi Olivia! About the Harry Potter Magazine, our publisher went out of business. So for now, no.  ;-) Since your getting a whole box of boosters, I’ll assume you can get at least 1 of each Rare that you need, and you shouldn’t have any problems with Commons/Uncommons either.

 First off, your deck has only 60 cards. You’re deck gets to be 60 + 1 Starting Character = 61 cards altogether. That gives me 1 free slot to work with, so I’ll see what I can do. (^_^) I’ll try to see if I can get a submission guidelines page up.



+1 Professor Filius Flitwick

+1 Rubeus Hagrid

-1 Dean Thomas 

-1 Draco Malfoy

-1 Hermione Granger

 I added a Flitwick as your main character so you wouldn’t have to have any charm lessons to play your charm spells! (Pretty smart, eh?) This seems to be a great deck to have Hagird in. If you happen to get 2 Hagrids, you may want to drop a stupefy for the extra, but for now we’ll just use one.

 Hermione really has great speed when your deck has lots of lessons. In this deck, I took out lessons for room, so we’ll take her out. Draco Malfoy seems to combo good with Human Chess Game as a staller, but your deck is very opposite of a stall deck. ;-) Dean Thomas is great for drawing cards, but we’ve got Harry and the Diagon Ally + Draco’s Trick combo waiting for us ahead, to get you as many cards as you need. (^_^)
+3 Baby Dragon

+2 Norbert

+2 Unicorn

+1 Mountain Troll

-1 Guard Dog

-2 Forest Trolls

-2 Boa Constrictor

 All the creatures here deal damage of at least 3, so each get the bonus effect from Hagrid. Guard Dogs cost more that Wolves for same damage. The Trolls and Boas don’t do at least 3 damage, so their out. The Unicorns are the only ones Hagrid doesn’t affect, but hey, they’re worth it. (^_^)



+1 Diagon Alley

+2 Unusual Pets

-1 Human Chess Game

-1 Meet the Centaurs

 Human Chess Game is stall material. Sell Meet the Centaurs to a collector and count your blessings. (Well, not really; it seems pretty useless now, but you may wait for a new set to combo with this or a hidden strategy that noone has thought of yet.)

 I cannot count the number of game that Unusual Pets have killed me. (Yes I can, 3 games… out of 4. ;x) Very, very nasty to deal with on a low count creature deck. =\ Add 1 more Diagon Alley so we can get it combo’d with Draco’s Trick (Uncommon).



+1 Remembrall

+2 Winged Keys

 The Cages are great. Providing power, and having the ability to sack it and return a creature is good, really good. A Remembrall will help get back lost lessons. Winged Keys are the best defense against creatures (other than destroying the creature that is. ;)

+2 Magical Mishaps

+2 Raven to Writing Desk

+2 Steelclaw

+2 Draco's Trick

+3 Vanishing Glass

-1 Mysterious Egg

-2 Nuture

-1 Hagrid and the Stranger

-2 Incendio

-1 Fluffy Falls Asleep

-1 Wizard Crackers

 Magical Mishaps are cheap turn 1 damage (if you play a lesson with Flitwick as Starter). Raven to Writing Desk are cheap killers, they have to have 2 creatures out, but then it works just like Incarcifors (which you may have to replace with if you don’t have any Writing Desks). Steelclaw just seems to work well with Hagrid decks. Draco’s Trick, combos with Diagon Alley to get you as many cards as you need. Vanishing Glass replaces Mysterious Egg in the way that it gets rid of one of your opponent’s Lessons while fetching you a creature too! Nuture, Stranger, and Fluffy are out

+9 Transfiguration

-15 Charms

-2 CMC

 Switch around some cards. Increase CMC because of creature’s discard needs. Decrease Potions a tad for room.

So our final deck should look like this:


//NAME: The Boy Who Lived

// Characters - 3

        1 Professor Filius Flitwick

        1 Harry Potter

        1 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures - 5

        1 Harry Hunting

        2 Diagon Alley

        2 Unusual Pets

// Creatures - 13

        2 Cage

        3 Baby Dragon

        2 Norbert

        2 Vicious Wolf

        2 Unicorn

        2 Mountain Troll

// Trans - 12

        2 Raven to Writing Desk

        2 Steelclaw

        2 Draco's Trick

        1 Remembrall

        3 Vanishing Glass

        2 Winged Keys

// Charms - 6

        4 Magical Mishap

        1 Stupefy

        1 Obliviate

// Lessons - 22

        9 Transfiguration

        13 Care of Magical Creatures


3 + 5 + 13 + 12 + 6 + 22 = 61 cards


Enjoy the new fix! ;)

Available in Apprentice deck format here.