Hey, I just built this deck by looking at the card list, so im not sure

of how well it plays, but it seems pretty powerful to me. the main

theme of the deck is to cause huge damage to your opponent and repair the damage done to you. Sort of a Hay/Stall. Its not really dependant on preventing damage, so much as removing it after its done. Id like to see the deck work a little faster... most of the cards have huge costs, and i was wondering if should trade out some of the big ones for smaller cheaper damage.


¡Potion Power!


Professor Severus Snape (Starting)


2 Rubeus Hagrid


4 Elixir of Life

3 Malevolent Mixture

4 Apothecary

4 Burning Bitterroot Balm

4 Dogbreath Potion

4 Silver Cauldron


4 Unicorn

4 Guard Dog


9 Care of Magical Creatures Lessons

18 Potions Lessons



 Hola Drew! My favorite type deck happens to have potions in it too! ;) The best part of Potion decks are their healing abilities and direct damage spells. Unfortunately, spell decks have been known to have problems with 4 Pivet Drive, which stops spell decks dead in their tracks.

 First thing I noticed about the deck is lack of cheap cards. Many of the best cards cost a lot, but by the time you able to play them, you’d be almost dead. =\ The cheapest thing you’ve got cost 5P which is at least 3 turns before you can start playing. Try this on for size:



+1 Harry Potter

 Your characters look fine to me. I wasn’t sure about Hagrid at first, but I guess it’s better for you to get him out first so your opponent can’t have him, and the only creature that doesn’t do 3+ damage is the Unicorn. ;) I stuck Harry in because when you need to solve the Drive, you’ll want to have a good supply of cards to play after it. Most of your healing spells will prevent you from decking, as does Snape’s ability. Remember, Harry’s ability is optional; it says you may draw 2 instead of 1, which near the end game, you might not want to start getting less cards than your opponent. ;)
+2 Cage

+3 Baby Dragon

+2 Vicious Wolf

+1 Mountain Troll

-4 Guard Dog

 You must have chosen Guard Dogs over Wolves because it survives spell damage better. Well, we’ll be adding some Drives so you won’t have to about spell much longer. ;) Your deck is constructed of mostly expensive cards.

 I added a cheap Cage to help provide CMC power and its ability isn’t bad either. The Baby Dragons only cost 3 CMC so a couple of them won’t hurt you with Hagrid. =) Vicious Wolves are same damage as Guard Dog but costs 1 power less. There’s only 1 Mountain Troll because of it’s cost yet can still fair well by itself.



+2 4 Pivet Drive

+2 Reptile House

 You deck doesn’t seem to be having fun and is craving for an Adventure! ;P 4 Pivet Drive will protect you from spells, while Reptile House is good for early game when your opponent will be trying to play as many lessons as he can.




+2 Pewter Cauldron

-3 Silver Cauldron

 Silver Cauldrons cost too much to have 4. Take it down to 1 and add in 2 Pewter Cauldrons. You can get Pewter Cauldrons out earlier and make use of them. ;)

+3 Snape’s Questions

+2 Noxious Potions

+1 Draught

-2 Dogbreath Potion

-1 Balm

-4 Apothecary

-4 Elixir of Life

 The biggest part of spell decks happens to be the spell section. =P After thinking a long hard while, I decided for the better to take out the Apothecary and Elixirs. The loss of cards from Apothecary is unneeded when we have our card draw’n machine, Harry.  The Balms do almost as great as Elixirs but cost less to discard. I had to drop 1 Balm and 2 Dog Breathes to make room for some extra cheap cards that you’re in need of.

 Snape’s Question, surprisingly, not many people play potion decks, and if they do they try to have their potions on the board to pay for spells. Noxious Potions cost as much as the Questions but they do 5 damage with a discarding cost of 1 Potion Lesson. Not bad when you’re looking for cheap spells. ;) Draught is 12 for 2. Not cheap, but still very effective and a very big surprise when your opponent thinks he’s won. ;)

+1 CMC

-3 Potions

 Switch around some cards. Increase CMC because of creature’s discard needs. Decrease Potions a tad for room.

So our final deck should look like this:


//NAME: Potion Power - Fix

// Chars - 4

        1 Professor Severus Snape

        2 Rubeus Hagrid

        1 Harry Potter

// Creatures - 11

        2 Cage

        3 Baby Dragon

        3 Unicorn

        2 Vicious Wolf

        1 Mountain Troll

// Potion - 17

        3 Snape's Question

        2 Noxious Potion

        3 Malevolent Mixture

        2 Pewter Cauldron

        2 Dogbreath Potion

        3 Burning Bitterroot Balm

        1 Silver Cauldron

        1 Draught of Living Death

// Adventure - 4

        2 4 Privet Drive

        2 Reptile House

// Lessons - 25

        10 Care of Magical Creatures

        15 Potions


4 + 11 + 17 + 4 + 25 = 61 cards


If you have Apprentice, get the deck from here.


Have phun with the new fix! ;)