Dear Profpoke and the rest of the hard working people at Pojo,


My family is stationed at Camp Darby Italy and I haven’t gotten any Harry Potter Cards yet but have relatives getting some for me (2 Boxes and 2 precons) but I have made my own to learn on out of index cards and have attempted to build a Gryffindor deck that relies not on creatures but characters spells potions and items that heal, prevent damage, provide lessons, and character abilities. the point of this deck is to get what i need and mess up my opponent without relying heavily on creatures but their there incase i need them. So please do what you can and fixer up.

Speedy Lion Deck


Nearly Headless Nick (Main)

Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger



Potions: 4


Transfiguration: 8



Draught of Living Death: 2

Malevolent Mixture: 1

Invisibility Cloak: 1

Potion Ingredients: 1

Shrinking Potion: 1

Number 4 Privet Drive: 2

Apothecary: 2

Bluebell Flames: 3

Burning Bitterroot Flames: 1

Unicorn: 2

Dogs Breath Potion: 2

Pet Toad: 2

Silver Cauldron: 4

Take Root: 2

Unusual Pets: 1

Forgetfulness Potion: 2

Hospital Wing: 2

Steel Claw: 1

Baby Dragon: 1

Vicious Wolf: 2

Kelpie: 2



Howdy, I just found your owl this morning, and he seemed a bit tired from flying from so far away. I nursed him back to health and sent him on his way to PoJo with the fix. Hope everything arrives intact! ...

Anyways, here would be the fix:


+1 Dean Thomas

You’re starting character has to be either a Wizard or a Witch. Nick isn’t either, so I decided Ron was a good starter since he cuts the cost in half for your many characters. You get to choose which one is your starter for each game, so you may want to have Hermoine, Harry, or Dean as a starter sometimes too. I added Dean because he’s also a Gryffindor (the theme of your deck) and can come in handy when you need extra cards.


+1 Mountain Troll

-1 Kelpie

The Kelpie does basically the same thing as the Toad, but can sometimes last longer. It needs you to discard 1 CMC lesson, and since your deck runs multiple lessons and already has creatures that must discard lessons too, I decided to drop 1 of them.  I added in 1 Mountain Troll for big damage when you get enough lessons on board to cause some pain. The Vicious Wolf and Baby Dragon seemed to do well when I play-tested. A Unicorn is always nice to provide those extra actions needed. As for the Toad, a cheap spell killer and very inexpensive.


+1 4 Pivet Drive

Unusual Pets seem to do well against creature decks.  If played when they only have 1 creature, they’ll be taking 4 damage every turn until they solve it, which gives you room for 4 Pivet Drive anyways.  The Drive the 1 card I believe every deck should have. Increase the number in your deck, and better your chances of finding it early in the game, when spells are essential.


+2 Remembrall

+1 Winged Keys

+2 Pewter Cauldron

-1 Invisibility Cloak

-1 Potion Ingredients

-3 Silver Cauldron

With Remembrall you can play those Potion cards that need discarding and get the lessons back to use again.  Also helpful with some of the creatures like, Unicorn.  I put in some Winged Keys to help if you run up against Norbert or other big creature.  Since you’ve got the Toads and 4 Pivet Drives to protect you from spells, the Cloak is kinda useless.  Same goes for Potion Ingredients.  I dropped the Silver Cauldrons down to 1 and added in 2 Pewter to match your lessons curve.



+2 Incarcifors

+2 Boil Cure

+2 Snape’s Question

+2 Burning Bitterroot Balm

-3 Bluebell Flames

-2 Take Root

-1 Forgetfulness Potion

-2 Hospital Wing

-1 Steel Claw

-1 Malevolent Mixture

-1 Shrinking Potion

-2 Apothecary

Ah yes, the spells. First off, why Bluebell Flames?  It needs Charms power, of which you have none. I replaced Take Root with Incarcifors, because for only 1 power more, you get to choose which creature dies instead of your opponent choosing. Snape’s Question is and excellent card; for 3 Power do for damage unless you opponent has a Potion Lesson in his hand, but most Potion players will be having the lessons on the board to be used as discard fodder. Steel Claw isn’t all that essential in this deck. It belongs more with a Hagrid deck. (too bad Hagrid wasn’t a Gryffindor :P ) Malevolent cost as much as Draught discard wise, so its out. Shrinking Potion prevent all damage, but if you have the keys and the drive your already going places. ;) With the low lesson count, you used to need Apothecary, but now you don't.

Next up, healing cards. Boil Cure is a good card because it only needs 1 Potion lesson to play, and you get 4 cards back in the deck. The Hospital Wing had as much discarding as Balm did with less healing results. Switched them out for more Balms.


+5 Potion Lessons

-1 Transfiguration Lesson

-1 Creatures Lesson

Since most of the deck is Potions, you’ll need Potion lessons more than anything else. This brings you up to 23, which I find is a pretty decent number for minimums. The WotC Harry Potter site recommends anywhere from 24-30 Lessons, but since we have cauldrons, I feel we get to cut it back a little more. :D


//NAME: Speedy Lion Deck

// Characters - 5

1 Ron Weasley (starter)

1 Hermione Granger

1 Harry Potter

1 Dean Thomas

1 Nearly Headless Nick

// Creatures - 9

2 Pet Toad

1 Kelpie

1 Baby Dragon

2 Unicorn

2 Vicious Wolf

1 Mountain Troll

// Transfiguation - 5

2 Incarcifors

2 Remembrall

1 Winged Keys

// Potion - 15

2 Boil Cure

2 Snape’s Question

2 Pewter Cauldron

3 Burning Bitterroot Balm

2 Dogbreath Potion

1 Forgetfulness Potion

1 Silver Cauldron

2 Draught of Living Death

// Adventures - 4

1 Unusual Pets

3 4 Privet Drive

// Lessons - 23

7 Transfiguration

7 Care of Magical Creatures

9 Potions

Good luck with the new fix! (^_^)