My strategy is to get monsters out as fast as possible and to keep them out.  I have a few cards in there just for space fillers but I would like to keep them in unless you have another suggestion because I can discard those to get another action each turn. 



Seamus Finnigan (Or I can Put in Mcgonnagal) Starter

Rubeus Hagrid

Draco Malfoy (used to get rid of any spells that would force me to get rid of a monster)



Quidditch x9

Transfiguration x5 (mostly space fillers and to get out for my steel claw)

COMC x18


Quidditch cards

Fouled x3

Ouch x3

Cobbing x2

Hufflepuff Match x3

Cleansweep seven x3

Comet two Sixty x2



Vicious Wolf x4

Guard Dog x1

Doxy x2

Kelpie x2



Steel Claw x1 (I am trying to get more than one of these but I have a shortage of good transfiguration spells)





 Hey cinstoy. I actually use a tech type like this. I too don’t have a vast collection of cards, but I manage to make due with what I got. Let’s see if I can do the same for you!



+1 McGonagall

-1 Seamus

-1 Draco

 If you got McGonagall you might as well use her. Seamus and Draco don’t really fit in well here. Chances are someone could be using the new Draco as their starter making your Draco dead weight.



+2 Unusual Pets

 I noticed you said you’d like to pick off some monsters… this way if they ever got on the board, you could play this and do some hurt until they sacrifice one of their creatures. Also, if they have just 1 creature on the board, you can play this and they won’t be able to solve it until they play another creature, and then they’d have to discard both of them to survive. Very deadly. =)



+2 Trevor

+2 River Trolls

+2 Baby Dragons

-2 Kelpie

-2 Doxy

 Trevor helps you get lessons lost back, and does same as Kelpie but just one less damage. ;) Add in 2 Baby dragons and River Trolls each. Drop the Doxies for room. You should have enough Transfig spells to take care of pesky creatures now. =)


Spells & Stuff:

-1 Hufflepuff Match

-3 Cleansweep7

+1 Steelclaw

+2 Picking On Neville

+2 Incarcifors

+2 Lost Notes

 Cleansweep is bad, you’ve already got a good broom in there, so stick with C260. All the other Transfiguration spells I added are common, and some can even be found in the starter decks. Find someone else that plays to and see if you can trade something for them. =) PON, LN, and Incarc help you pick off cards on the board.



-5 Transfiguration

-1 CoMC

 Don’t need transfiguration anymore since McGonagall provide all you need. Lose a CoMC too while you’re at it.


Dun dun dun dun!:


//NAME: Creature's Deck

// Characters (2)

        1 Prof. Minerva McGonagall

        1 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures (2)

        2 Unusual Pets

// Matches (2)

        2 Hufflepuff Match

// Items (2)

        2 Comet Two Sixty

// Creatures (11)

        1 Guard Dog

        4 Vicious Wolf

        2 Baby Dragon

        2 River Troll

        2 Trevor

// Spells (16)

        3 Fouled!

        3 Ouch!

        2 Cobbing

        2 Steelclaw

        2 Incarcifors

        2 Lost Notes

        2 Picking on Neville

// Lessons (26)

        17 Care of Magical Creatures

        9 Quidditch


Hope that works out OK! Have fun!