Hello Profpoke-
††† This is the first deck I have created using the new D.A. Cards.
†† Strategy-To use Draco Malfoy, Slytherin's ability as much as
possible to get that extra action on my opponent as much as possible.
I use a Potion/Creature deck.I use Potion Items to deal damage and
Potion Spells for healing.I have also included Snape Character Card
thinking of it as a bonus Lesson card which I would hope to play during
a turn I also play an Item card.My extra Potion spell is Draught of
Living Death for that extra punch.The creatures are similar.I have
stacked my deck with 4 Tawny Owls and 2 Screech Owls to pester and
recycle Items and Lessons, 2 Kelpie to pester and protect from Spells,
and a Fluffy for the creature's extra punch.In addition, I have 4
Cages to try and keep my opponents creatures in check while giving me 
an extra action every turn along with a Dragon-Hide Gloves.Plus, I have
two Mysterious Eggs and 2 Hagrid and the Strangers to pull creatures
from either the deck or discard pile.And as typical with Creatures, I
also have two 4 Privet Drive Adventures.
I do not play on Apprentice (mac user); therefore, I do not have an
unlimited supply of cards.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Silence, 1st Year
Draco's Deck of Tricks
Starter:Draco Malfoy, Slytherin
Ally:Professor Snape
1 Cauldron Shop
2 4 Privet Drive
3 Beetle Eyes
4 Cage
1 Dragon-Hide Gloves
2 Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
2 Magical Drafts and Potions
2 Moonseed Poison
1 Pewter Cauldron
1 Self-Stirring Cauldron
1 Silver Unicorn Horn
1 Fluffy
2 Kelpie
2 Screech Owls
4 Tawny Owls
2 Bruisewort Balm
1 Burning Bitterroot Balm
1 Butterfly Weed Balm
1 Draught of Living Death
2 Hagrid and the Stranger
2 Hospital Wing
2 Mysterious Egg
2 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up
9 Care of Magical Creatures

8 Potions




Hey Silence. Nice deck idea using the new Draco from the Diagon Alley set. Working with limited cards is the challenge. =) Lets take a look.



If Snape is just for backup healing whenever you find him, you can leave it as 1 Snape. If heís kinda important to your deck, you may want to add an extra one so you can draw it sooner.



If Privet works for you, thatís great. If you can get your hands on Through the Arch from DA, try switching in some of those.



+2 Trevor

-2 Kelpie

Kelpie costs you your precious lessons. Trevor gets lessons back instead. If you got Fluffy, might as well play him, I guess. Just be careful of your opponentís anti-creature strategies when you do.


Spells & Items:

+1 Cauldron Shop

-1 Pewter Cauldron

-2 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

-2 Cage

Normally, I would probably suggest dropping the Draught for the new Bulgeye Potion, but it is rare, and possibly hard to find. If you do happen to find one, switch out the DoLD for it. :) Also, if possible, try to focus on one type of healing spell. Hospital Wing is faster, but only does 8 for your discarded Potions lesson, and Burning Bitterroot Balm costs 6 power, but gets 10 cards healed back. The new Butterflyweed Potion is right in the middle, so after you play test it a bit, decide which one probably works best with your deck, and replace the others with those. If you like the variety, thatís fine too I guess.



+3 Potions Lessons

Just 17 lessons is baaad. Even thou the books do provide some power, you wonít always find them when you need them, especially for when you need to discard Potions lessons for your spells.


Hereís your current list after the fix:


//NAME: Draco's Deck of Tricks

// Characters (2)

††††††† 1 Draco Malfoy, Slytherin

††††††† 1 Professor Severus Snape

// Adventures (2)

††††††† 2 4 Privet Drive

// Locations (2)

††††††† 2 Cauldron Shop

// Items (15)

††††††† 3 Cage

††††††† 2 Fantastic Beasts & Where to

††††††† 2 Magical Drafts and Potions

††††††† 1 Self-Stirring Cauldron

††††††† 3 Beetle Eyes

††††††† 1 Silver Unicorn Horn

††††††† 2 Moonseed Poison

††††††† 1 Dragon-Hide Gloves

// Creatures (9)

††††††† 4 Tawny Owl

††††††† 2 Screech Owl

††††††† 2 Trevor

††††††† 1 Fluffy

// Spells (11)

††††††† 2 Bruisewort Balm

††††††† 2 Mysterious Egg

††††††† 2 Hagrid and the Stranger

††††††† 2 Hospital Wing

††††††† 1 Butterfly Weed Balm

††††††† 1 Burning Bitterroot Balm

††††††† 1 Draught of Living Death

// Lessons (20)

††††††† 9 Care of Magical Creatures

††††††† 11 Potions


Try that out. Maybe take it to a tournament and win some more boosters! :D