Hey Prof Poke,

       I'm Nick and I would like you to fix my deck.

 My strategy is to get out Unicorn with the Harry and Elixir of life combo. One problem is that the league around my house, people play really hideous (awesome) decks like Unicorn/Slytherin Match/Catch the Snitch and fluffy/elixir etc. Well here's my deck:


    Starter: Harry Potter

        Ally: Hagrid 

         4 Unicorn

         3 Trevor

         3 Cunning Fox

         4 Mountain Troll


         4 Malevolent Mixture

         3 Draught of Living Death

         4 Dogbreath Potion

         3 Elixir of Life

         4 Brusewurt Balm


         10 Care of Magical Creatures lessons

         13 Potion lessons


 I have a lot of things to work with so be creative. Also, another problem is cauldron to sieve is pretty popular.



                                        Nick Fragnito 




 Howdy Nick! Nice simple deck here. This deck only has 57 cards, so there is 4 free spots. I’ll see if I can help you improve it some. =)



 Harry is ok for your starter to help you get the cards you need faster. Since this deck with probably be slow starting off, you’re gona need Harry to help you draw enough lessons to play your cards. Hagrid can only be an ally, but he’s a good one. ;)



+4 4 Privet Drive

 Privet helps protect your cards from removal spells, and protects you from big damage spells.



+3 Vicious Wolf

-1 Trevor

-1 Unicorn

-1 Mountain Troll

 You probably won’t be able to play all your Trolls very early, and Trevor is Unique which means you have to wait for it to leave play before you could play another one. Drop your Unicorns down to 3 and add in 3 Wolves.


Spells & Items:

+3 Dungbomb

+3 Hospital Wing

-3 Draught of Living Death

-3 Elixir of Life

 Dungbomb can prevent damage from Fluffy if it gets in play, and any adventures that might damage you too. Hospital Wing is faster than Elixir and is still fairly effective. Draught of Living Death might be kinda expensive to play at first, and Mixture is low costing enough to deal about as much damage.



 Twenty-three lessons should probably work ok for this deck.


See if those changes help you out at all. Keep up the good work!