Starter: Harry Potter
Allies: Hooch, Oliver Wood
13 Charms
3 Quiditch
1 Support Banner
2Borrowed Wand
1 Nimbus
2 Hufflepuff
1 Slytherin
4 Vermillous
3 Bluebell Flames
2 Strem o' Flames
2 Stupefy
1 Charms Exam
1 Logic Puzzle
I Titallando
4 Fouled
4 Ouch
4 Cobbing
3 Power Play
1 Catch The Snitch
1 Out of Control
2 4 Privet
Hey im Brad,
  My stratedy is mainly kill all the creatures that my bro, brett,(a 
stranger in a strange deck) plays and then woop him with my major 
damage and some times i can even pull off wining the Slytherin Match
with either Wood or cath the snitch.
                          Thanks For Rating My Deck!:)




 Hey Brad! Looks like a nice deck, but you kinda typo’d on the number of Titillando… so I’m assuming that’s 3 Titillando so you’d have a 61 card deck. Lets see what else I can do.



 Make Hooch your starter, and Harry and Wood as backup. This way you can use the Quidditch power Hooch provides to play all your Quidditch cards, and not have to have a single Quidditch lesson in the deck.



+3 Sticking Up for Neville

-2 4 Privet Drive

 Privet is best to protect your creatures from spells, or yourself in some cases, but we can afford to replace it with SufN. SufN is great to play along with your discard theme, since most people won’t want to drop their hand for anything. Combo it with Charms Exam for killer results.



 No Creatures in this here deck.


Spells & Items:

+1 Streams of Flames

+1 Stupefy

+1 Charms Exam

-1 Support Banner

-1 Vermillous

-3 Bluebell Flames

-1 Titillando

-1 Ouch

-2 Cobbing

 I can’t stress enough how lame Bluebell Flames is. Use it only if you need to add cards to you deck to total 61, and you have no other cards to pick. Support Banner would be good, but if you play a lot of Quidditch cards throughout your turn, you might draw more cards than you really wanted. At least with Harry, you can choose when you draw the extra cards. Take out a Vermillious for a SoF. Titillando and Cobbing cost quite a bit to have so many and not be able to use it so early. Drop an Ouch, and add in one Stupefy and a Charms Exam for more damage/discard power. =)



+8 Charms

-3 Quidditch

 Only 16 lessons? What we’re you thinking? A n absolute minimum of 20 lessons, at the LEAST, should be in most decks. If your deck has a strategy that is designed to use less lessons, then that’s the only exception. Boost this lesson count up to 21, and drop all Quidditch lessons since we’ll be using Hooch’s Quidditch Power.


I’ve constructed this deck list for ye:


//NAME: Flying Wands

// Characters (3)

        1 Madam Rolanda Hooch

        1 Harry Potter

        1 Oliver Wood

// Adventures (3)

        3 Sticking Up for Neville

// Charms (16)

        2 Borrowed Wand

        3 Vermillious

        3 Stream of Flames

        3 Stupefy

        1 Logic Puzzle

        2 Charms Exam

        2 Titillando

// Quidditch (18)

        1 Slytherin Match

        2 Hufflepuff Match

        4 Fouled!

        3 Ouch!

        3 Power Play

        2 Cobbing

        1 Nimbus Two Thousand

        1 Catch the Snitch

        1 Out of Control

// Lessons (21)

        21 Charms


Hope those changes help you be the best you can be. =D