Hey Profpoke, hpce here!
I've been using a new deck and so far its 10-5, I usually lose to decks 
that focus on swarms of creatures, and you're the best man I know for this 
kind of stuff so I thought you could help. Here's the deck, I call it 
A Stranger in a Strange Place.
Starter: Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Allies: (3)
1- Flitwick
1- Abbot
1- Hagrid
Adventures: (4)
2- Hagrid Needs Help
2- 4 Privet Drive
Items: (1)
1- Borrowed Wand
Creatures: (15)
1- Cunning Fox
3- Boa Constrictor
2- Mt. Troll
3- Unicorn
1- Kelpie
1- Trevor
4- Vicious Wolf
Spells: (17)
3- Diffindo
2- Bluebell Flames
4- Vermillious
4- Steelclaw
4- Stream of Flames
Lessons: (20)
10- Care of Magical Creatures
10- Charms
Now basically the focus of damage is creatures, and my charms are in 
there to stop other creatures from getting me too bad. If I play all spell 
decks I usually win, but if I play decks that focuses on getting tons of the 
smaller creatures out really quick I go down fast, or if its a deck that uses 
Hermione to get lots of lessons and play the big daddy's like Fluffy I 
usually lose. It has a winning record but needs a good amount of help 
so do what ya can! =)




Howdy hpce! Your deck looks pretty well for itís record. Letís see what I can do for it to be better. :)



+1 Hannah Abbott

-1 Flitwick

McGonagall is a good starter and provides power too. Flitwick trades two cards for 1 charm card back, while Hannah trades two cards for any two non-healing cards back. You already have charms lessons so you donít absolutely NEED Flitwickís power.



+2 In the Stands

-2 Hagrid Needs Help

As much as I hate to take out HNH, In the Stands is a better solution to your problem. If you think you can fit both, go right ahead.



+1 Trevor

+3 Baby Dragon

+2 Cunning Fox

-1 Unicorn

-3 Boa Constrictor

-1 Vicious Wolf

-1 Kelpie

Kelpie kills one of your precious lessons, but Trevor gets them back. Kelpieís damage isnít going to be helped by Hagrid either, so trade him out for Trevor. Baby Dragon and Fox are swift and get Hagridís bonus. Two Unicorns is good enough for this deck. Boas would be more playable if Forbidden Forest was in this deck, but it isnít so these go too. Cut a wolf for some room.


Spells & Items:

+1 Borrowed Wand

+2 Raven to Writing Desk

+3 Incarcifors

-1 Diffindo

-4 Vermillous

-2 Bluebell Flames

Increase your wand count so you have better chances of drawing it. Since your problem is swarm decks (tons of small creatures) Writing Desk is ideal in this situation and itís cheap. Incacifors are for later in the game when you run across bigger creatures, *cough*Fluffy*cough* Diffindo usually wonít be play early, but you can still use it if you have to kill of your opponentís Hagrid if he plays it first. Bluebell Flames is vedy lame. =/ Vermillious is good, but stick with SoFís for the most part.



+1 CMC Lesson

Increase your CMC lessons count just a tad to be able to support your discarding needs.


Hereís a deck list for ya:


//NAME: A Stranger in a Strange Place

// Characters (4)

††††††† 1 Prof. Minerva McGonagall

††††††† 2 Hannah Abbott

††††††† 1 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures (4)

††††††† 2 In the Stands

††††††† 2 4 Privet Drive

// Creatures (15)

††††††† 2 Trevor

††††††† 3 Baby Dragon

††††††† 3 Cunning Fox

††††††† 2 Unicorn

††††††† 3 Vicious Wolf

††††††† 2 Mountain Troll

// Spells & Items (17)

††††††† 2 Raven to Writing Desk

††††††† 2 Borrowed Wand

††††††† 4 Steelclaw

††††††† 4 Stream of Flames

††††††† 3 Incarcifors

††††††† 2 Diffindo

// Lessons (21)

††††††† 10 Charms

††††††† 11 Care of Magical Creatures


Best of luck with your deck! =D