Hiya, profpoke!

This is Misdreavus from Pojo. ;) I just thought I'd send you my deck so hopefully I could get it meched. Right now it is 5-4, but it ALWAYS has lost to Potions decks. I think I lost one other time to a Quidditch deck. In Potions, all my cards get knocked off -- and then I'm left to be Stupefied for all eternity. I've tried 4 Privet Drive and Gaze into the Mirror (which is what it is in my deck right now) but nothing seems to work.

Anyway, the basic strategy of this deck is to:
First, I try to identify if the deck has ANY spells at all. If the whole thing is spells, I gain up Care of Magical Creature and Transfigurations so I can get out Gaze in to the Mirror right away. Then I send out my creatures to browse on the opponent. Normally they use Prof. Minerva McGonagall or just simply solve the adventure, then take away all my cards, so I'm left with nothing but my starting character. Hard to build off of, eh?

Here's the deck.

Zoo Trip

//Starting Character (1)
-Professor Filius Flitwick x1

//Creatures (15)
-Cunning Fox x3
-Doxy x3
-Guard Dog x3
-Mountain Troll x3
-Vicious Wolf x3

//Adventures (3)
-Gaze Into The Mirror x3

//Items (3)
-Borrowed Wand x3

//Spells (15)
-Diffendo x3
-Halloween Feast x3
-Incarcifors x3
-Mice To Snuffboxes x3
-Stream of Flames x3

//Lessons (24)
-Care of Magical Creatures x12
-Transfiguration x12

Try to get out as many Lessons as I can, then lay on the creatures.

Thanks, profpoke!





Hola Misdreavus! Nice challenge youíve got here. Iíve played against some wicked Potion decks myself and they are extremly effective when played correctly. Iíll do my best to help you out. ;D



ďMore power to the Flitwickster!Ē



+4 4 Privet Drive

-3 Gaze into the Mirror

You might have tried Privet before, but it should offer more protection to you and your creatures than the one youíve got.



+1 Scabbers

+2 Pet Toad

-3 Doxy

Discarding decks seem too be popular and effective around here. If you happen to get Scabbers into play and have to discard something from play because of your opponent, you can choose it and it would come back to your hand instead. Itís unique so I only added one. The toads can help stall damage you take for a while. Doxies are probably just there to damage creatures, but I think your spells can do it just fine.


Spells & Items:

+3 Stupefy

+3 Lost Notes

-1 Halloween Feast

-3 Mice to Snuffboxes

-3 Stream of Flames

Streams damage your opponent and their creatures, but if youíre just gona incarcify their creatures, then youíd just be wasting that damage, so weíre going to switch those out for Stupefies to increase the hurt. Thatís also good to retreive using Flitwick. Three Feasts seem too much considering you get 4 creatures back per use, so drop one of them. Replace Snuffboxes with Lost Notes so you can get rid of your opponentís lessons or power providing items.



Twenty four seemed OK when I was play testing, so we can leave it like it is. :D


Hereís a deck list for ya:


//NAME: Zoo Trip Deck

// Characters (1)

††††††† 1 Professor Filius Flitwick

// Adventures (4)

††††††† 4 4 Privet Drive

// Charms (8)

††††††† 3 Borrowed Wand

††††††† 2 Halloween Feast

††††††† 3 Stupefy

// Transfiguration (9)

††††††† 3 Lost Notes

††††††† 3 Incarcifors

††††††† 3 Diffindo

// Creatures (15)

††††††† 2 Pet Toad

††††††† 1 Scabbers

††††††† 3 Cunning Fox

††††††† 3 Vicious Wolf

††††††† 3 Guard Dog

††††††† 3 Mountain Troll

// Lessons (24)

††††††† 12 Care of Magical Creatures

††††††† 12 Transfiguration


Gíluck with the deck! J