Hi there! I'm JAL from the Philippines. I just made this deck out of curiosity. Actually, I've never tried to play this deck yet. Please do make some modifications to my deck.


Starting Character: Hermione

Characters: 1 Severus Snape

                  1 Rubeus Hagrid


Adventure: 1 Troll in the Bathroom

                1 Diagon Alley

                1 Harry Hunting

                1 4 Privet Drive


Creatures: 1 Unicorn

                2 Mountain Troll

                2 Norbert

                3 Giant Tarantula

                2 Baby Dragon


Items: 2 Silver Cauldron

          2 Pewter Cauldron


Spells: 3 Malevolent Mixture

           3 Burning Bitterroot Balm

           2 Dogbreath Potion

           4 Boil Cure

           3 Hagrid and the Stranger

           3 Hospital Wing


Lessons: 10 Care of Magical Creatures

               12 Potions


The main purpose of this deck is to destroy your opponent immediately but still having more cards in your deck because of the Healing Cards. I used strong creatures and also Hagrid as a character to add more damage. Is it possible to have 2 Cauldrons in play at the same time?

You can e-mail me your reply at jal@mydestiny.net. Thank you and More Power to your wonderful website!!!!




 Hey JAL!  You can have more than 1 Cauldron in play if you want. Cauldrons don’t say to discard old cauldrons like the wands do, so they don’t have a limit.  It’s really nice to have a lot of power out because of your cauldrons. ;) Lets see what I can do.



 Hermoine is a great choice here. The other two are probably used if you get them, but that’s ok since most decks that revolve around Snape as a starter are probably slipping. Hagrid is always nice to have since most of your creatures do at least 3 damage.



+3 Hagrid Needs Help

-1 Troll in the Bathroom

-1 Diagon Alley

-1 Harry Hunting

-1 4 Privet Drive

 You main focus of this deck is to deal damage. Most of your damage is going to be dealt by potion spells, and thereby making you very vernerable to Privet. HNH reduces you opponent’s number of actions by 1, so he won’t be able to play Privet (unless some other effect would allow him), and in order to solve HNH they have to take 8 damage. That’s like one of your Dogbreath Potions! J



+1 Baby Dragon

+2 Cunning Fox

+2 Vicious Wolf

-3 Giant Tarantula

-2 Mountain Troll

 Your spiders don’t get the benefit from Hagrid and, even thou they are pretty fast, you don’t want to kill early lessons for it. Troll costs quite a bit and you probably wouldn’t be able to play it in most games. Wolves and Foxes are quicker and still good damage dealers. Since we’re droping our speedy spiders, get 1 more Dragon to make up for speed.


Spells & Items:

+1 Malevolent Mixture

+1 Dogbreath Potion

+4 Bruisewort Balm

+2 Gold Cauldron

-2 Silver Cauldron

-4 Boil Cure

-1 Hagrid and the Stranger

-3 Hospital Wing

 Too much healing really can be a bad thing. If you don’t have anything but healing cards in your discard, you won’t be able to get much out of it. Bruisewort is new from QC and should replace your Boils. Gold Cauldron provides as much power as Silver, but it costs 1 extra to play and instead of discarding two lessons, you return them to your hand, making it just a perfect combo with Hermione. Add one more Dogbreath and Mixture each so you can get damage out quick. You can use either Hospital Wing or Burning Bitterroot Balm, depending which you like best. HW is 2 power cheaper for 2 less healed cards than BBB, but since we have enough low cost healing (Bruisewort), I chose to go with BBB just for grins. Either way would work just fine.



+1 Care of Magical Creatures

+2 Potions

 Bump it up a couple lessons to make it run more smoothly.


Here’s a deck list for ya:


//NAME: Potions Healing Deck

// Characters (3)

        1 Hermione Granger

        1 Professor Severus Snape

        1 Rubeus Hagrid

// Adventures (3)

        3 Hagrid Needs Help

// Creatures (10)

        3 Baby Dragon

        2 Norbert

        2 Cunning Fox

        1 Unicorn

        2 Vicious Wolf

// Items (4)

        2 Pewter Cauldron

        2 Gold Cauldron

// Spells (16)

        4 Bruisewort Balm

        2 Hagrid and the Stranger

        4 Malevolent Mixture

        3 Burning Bitterroot Balm

        3 Dogbreath Potion

// Lessons (25)

        11 Care of Magical Creatures

        14 Potions


Good Deck! Keep the curiosity growing. ;)