Hey I was wondering if you could fix my creature deck.  I haven't actually
 tried it yet, but it should be pretty good.  Luckily, the people at my
 league don't play much creature removal, or creatures for that matter.
 There is a lot of Hooch/Charms decks and other Quidditch decks.  The
 strategy is simple:  Get out your creatures and do some fast damage.  You
 can change anything, but I still want to have creatures.  I have all cards
 from the first 3 sets, but not much Adventures at Hogwarts cards. Now, here
 is the deck:
 Starting Character:
 1 Hermione Granger
 Additional Characters:
 1 Rubeus Hagrid
 4 Into the Forbidden Forest
 3 Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
 2 Hagrid and the Stranger
 2 Swarm!
 2 Dog Bite
 4 Vicious Wolf
 4 Cunning Fox
 2 Trevor
 2 Pet Toad
 1 Norbert
 1 Unicorn
 1 Hebridean Black Dragon
 1 Mountain Troll
 2 Marble Gargoyle
 2 Chimaera
 2 Giant Squid
 24 Care of Magical Creatures
Ok, Iím back from my cottage for a bit, so Iím going to do a Deck Mech Madeye sent me. If youíve sent me one in the last month, Hotmail deleted it when my account got too full because I didnít have access in it, so if you want to resend it, go ahead!
Now then, on to the deck. Pure creatures. Hehe, my favourite! 
Starter: Hermione Granger (Base Set)
Back Up: Rubeus Hagrid
Hermione is defiantly the best starter here, as she gets the lessons out quickly. And Hagrid is PERFECT for this deck. Get out a bunch of creatures, and make them choose between killing the creatures or Hagrid. 
4x Into the Forbidden Forest
Into the Forbidden Forest is the best adventure for this deck, since itís pure creatures. But, we need to possibly make a defense against other creature decks, so Iím going to take 2 Into the Forbidden Forest out and add 2 In the Stands. Youíll find that against creature decks, this will act like a shield, and your creatures are the only ones out.
-2 Into the Forbidden Forest
+2 In the Stands
Now, the items.
3x Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
 3x Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them is good for lesson providing, and in the late stages of the game, if you need more cards in your hand.
Now, the spells.
2x Dog Bite
2x Swarm
2x Hagrid and the Stranger
 Dog Bite is a great card for this deck, use one of your creatures, or, if your opponent has a nice fattie out, use it. :D Swarm is good, since usually there is going to be about 5 creatures out, possibly more! Hagrid and the Stranger doesnít fit this deck, it would be better to replace it with more creatures.
-2 Hagrid and the Stranger
Creature time. :D
4x Vicious Wolf
4x Cunning Fox
2x Trevor
2x Pet Toad
1x Norbert
1x Unicorn
1x Hebridean Black Dragon
1x Mountain Troll
2x Marble Gargoyle
2x Chimaera
2x Giant Squid
Ok, the Vicious Wolf, Cunning Fox, Marble Gargoyle and Chimaera Iím going to leave alone. The rest of the cards will be changed around. Pet Toad and Trevor arenít the best idea for this deck. So, both of them are out.
-2 Pet Toad
-2 Trevor
1x Unicorn and 1x Norbert? Well, Norbert is WAY to risky. Discard 2, and only 3 health? Very vulnerable to Charms. So, -1 Norbert, +1 Unicorn.
-1 Norbert
+1 Unicorn
Since we only have Mountain Troll, Giant Squid and Hebridean Black Dragon for 8+ lesson requirers, weíll replace the Mountain Troll with a Welsh Green Dragon, and leave Hebridean.
-1 Mountain Troll
+1 Welsh Green Dragon
And 24 lessons? For Hermione, not enough. Iíve left some slots open, and weíre filling them up with CoMC.
+6 CoMC
Hereís the finished deck:
Starter: Hermione Granger
Backup(1): Rubeus Hagrid
Adventures(4): 2x Into the Forbidden Forest
2x In the Stands
Lessons(30): 30x CoMC
Items(3): 3x Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Spells(4): 2x Dog Bite
2x Swarm
Creatures(18): 4x Vicious Wolf
4x Cunning Fox
2x Unicorn
1x Welsh Green Dragon
1x Hebridean Black Dragon
2x Giant Squid
2x Chimaera
2x Marble Gargoyle
Have fun!