Well, a lot of people have been complaining about the strength of certain cards, so I'm here to help.

#1 - 4 Privet Drive (Adv)

Appears to be very broken. Here are some solutions:

1 - History of Magic (Ch)
2 - Draco Malfoy (Char)
3 - Mrs Norris (CMC)
4 - Meet the Centaurs + Draco's Trick (Adv + T)

These cards let you keep an eye on your opponent's hand, so you can get rid of it or know when it's coming. The 4th combo basically makes them play with their hand face up for the whole game.

5 - Creatures (CMC)

Don't let 4 Privet Drive hurt you, and have a way of doing damage other than spells.

6 - Harry Potter (Char)
7 - Delivery Owl (CMC)
8 - Dean Thomas (Char)

These cards let you draw extra cards, so 4 Privet Drive can be easily solved.

9 - Snape (Char)
10 - Healing cards (P)

These cards let you shuffle cards back into your deck, making the 6-card discard less of a burden.

11 - Flitwick (Char)
12 - Hannah Abbott (Char)
13 - Remembrall (T)
14 - Accio (Ch)
15 - Ollivanders (Ch)
16 - Hagrid and the Stranger (CMC)

These cards all let you get cards from your discard pile back into your hand, so you don't have to worry if you discard good stuff.

17 - Meet the Centaurs (Adv)
18 - Obliviate (Ch)

Make them discard their entire hand.


#2 - Hermione Granger (Char)

A popular starting character that helps speed decks. Solutions:

1 - Avifors (T)
2 - Cauldron to Sieve (T)
3 - Restricted Section (T)
4 - Epoximise (T)
5 - Lost Notes (T)
6 - Dragon's Escape (Adv)

These cards make your opponent discard lessons from play.

7 - Draco Malfoy (Char)

Pick off the lessons from their hand.

8 - Snape (Char)
9 - Flitwick (Char)

These two professors will give you an extra power, which may not seem like much, but it will allow you to play things like a 1st turn Magical Mishap or 1st turn Forest Troll, which gains you some speed.

10 - Hermione Granger (Char)

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Play Hermione yourself, and you'll both be operating at the same speed.

11 - Alchemy (T)
12 - Accio (Ch)

These will help speed you up a bit.

13 - Harry Hunting (Adv)

This will slow the Hermione deck down a little, allowing you to catch up.


#3 - Human Chess Game (Adv)

If they play a creature, and play this card, you can't do much, but there are solutions:

1 - The first thing to remember is that when your opponent plays Human Chess, he is playing a card. Therefore, you can still play cards on your turn to counter it. Use your actions to:

2 - Apparate (T)
3 - Logic Puzzle (Ch)
4 - Raven to Writing Desk (T)
5 - Incarcifors (T)
6 - Fluffy Falls Asleep (CMC)
7 - Cage (CMC)
8 - Any spell that damages creatures (Ch and P)
9 - Characters (Char)

These cards can be played the turn after Human Chess and will cancel it outright, kill off their creatures, send creatures back to their hand (which means they will have to play them again), or to play characters to solve it.

10 - Snape (Char)
11 - Flitwick (Char)
12 - Hannah Abbott (Char)
13 - Dean Thomas (Char)
14 - Nearly Headless Nick (Char)

All of these characters have once per game actions, so if you've used their action, just get rid of them and solve the adventure. Unless you have a good reason. (e.g. Flitwick is only source of Ch power) You can also discard cards like Harry or Ron if you don't need their ability anymore.

15 - All cards listed as solutions for 4 Privet Drive

All of these strategies will work here as well. Get rid of the adventure in their hand, draw extra cards, play Healing, and get stuff back from your discard pile. You can also play a lot of creatures so their not in a position to play Human Chess.

Hopefully, this helps in your deckbuilding.


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