Hey guys, here's a quote I cut&paste from that chat text you posted:

 scrye_fung says, "When I play Toe Bitter on my opponent and his/her Pet Toad
(or Kelpie with at least 3 damage counters) in play, can Pet Toad/Kelpie
manage toabsorb both the damage it got from Toe Bitter and redirected damage
from my opponent; or first the opponent gets the damage which he/she can
redirect to Pet Toad, it dies and the 2 damage to Pet Toad just 'fizzle out'?"
prefect_adam says, "Do everything in the order the card says.  If the
creature that's taking the damage meant for the Wizard or Witch survives,
then it may also take the damage meant for creatures.  If it doesn't
prefect_adam says, "If it doesn't survive, another creature must take the
damage. /ga"

Well, I hate to do this to you guys, but I wrote to WOTC
(custserv@wizards.com) a couple of days prior to this chat, and this is what
they had told me about toe biter:
    second, if my opponent has a pet toad in play, and I cast toe biter,

>which lets me do 2 damage to my opponent or a creature of my choice, can

Actually Toe Biter does 2 damage to your opponent _and_  2 damage to a


In this case though your opponent will probably choose to have the Toad

take the damage

that is directed at them.  So the Toad will take all the damage from the

Toe Biter and be discarded.

    So do you think you guys can get this all worked out and let the rest of
us know?  =) Thanks! And thanks for posting the text of the chat, it did help
a lot.

michael >o'