Hello again, Pojo fans! This time around I'm reviewing a distruptive combo that includes Peeves Causes Trouble, an Adventure, and the two Spells Forgetfulness Potion and Snuffling Potion. Here's what each card does:
Peeves Causes Trouble
Effect: Whenever your opponent draws 1 or more cards, he or she then takes 1 damage.
To Solve: Your opponent skips a total of 5 Actions. (Those Actions donít need to be one right after the other.)
Opponentís Reward: You take 3 damage.
Forgetfulness Potion (7 P)
To play this card, discard 1 of your P Lessons from play. During your opponentís next turn, he or she canít play cards.
Snuffling Potion (4 P)
Next turn, whenever your opponent draws a card, he or she discards it instead of putting it into his or her hand.
On their own, Peeves and Snuffling are ok at best. Forgetfulness is pretty good for a stall, though it costs several Lessons. Here's how this combo works:
Play Peeves Causes Trouble. Next turn, play both Forgetfulness and Snuffling Potions. With Peeves in play, your opponent must take 1 damage every time they draw a card. And on their next turn, Snuffling Potion and Forgetfulness Potion take effect. ;-) Not only will they have to take 1 damage when they draw a card, they will have to discard it too (Snuffling). Forgetfulness Potion stops them from playing any cards during that turn, which increases the likeliness that they will draw cards to use up their Actions- and that won't be a very good thing on their part.
Now, a smart, experienced play may decide to simply skip their Actions instead of drawing cards- and in effect, discard them and take some damage. This is not necessarily something to be disgruntled at, for if your opponent does nothing, they can't throw you a curve with a new Creature or Spell, or draw a card they may need.
Happy TCG-playing! :-)
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