Hey! Wazzup everyone! I got some ratings today on some
very popular cards! Before I begin, i noticed some
other people that submit tips were kind of putting
down ratings, so i want to say that these ratings are
my personal opinions and i understand that you people
probably feel different about these cards, but i am
trying to give a different view on them and help u
realize some cards that u might not have thought about
using before. so think about it before u go off
dissing ratings. If u still dont like ratings, then
stop reading right now. here we go!:

The first is: 4 Privet Drive

This card does not allow u to play spells. To solve
it, u need to discard 6 cards. your reward is to draw
a card. THIS CARD IS AWESOME. Use it all the time. I
give it an obvious 10 out of 10 which is my first

The last one for today is: Steelclaw

This card allows you to attack with all of your
creatures at once. One word: KILLING BLOW. I like to
save this card for when i need it with my big
creatures.( u may have checked out my Calling all
Creatures deck, which kicks @$$!I tried it in my deck
and it worked pretty well.)I give it an 7 out of 10
which is GOOD!

See ya next week! CIAO! ALLEN

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