it's been a while since i've written. with what happened,
but   i decided to start again.  here we go......

    card 1  human chess game
                    i just got this card.....and its sweet. just play some
powerful creatures [and mabey a hagrid] then get rid of your opponets
creatures and hands. then just play chess, and don't do anything until your
opponet solves it[in the mean time there geting pounded by your creatures].
then play another one......this will bug your opponet even more then privet
ranking 10 out of 10

        card 2 the promos

                                        who couldn't see these things
coming. wizards has realesed the first set of promos at  movie theaters
across the nation.ther are 3 or 4 different ones. i only have one of them so
far. their is one card that has  the golden snitch on it- could wizards be
getting ready to realese the second set?
ranking: i cant rank the promos yet, i dont have all of them yet. if i was
you i'd check wizards.com .

note:  about the ??? i usualy number my articles but  i lost count and  i'm
to lazy to look back and try to figure it out.

peace out,

the heir of slytherin

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