At last Friday's WotC online chat session, the Wizards spokeswomen hinted
that she had a deck that would take on the 4 Privet Drive Adventure. She
also said it used Hannah Abbot and no Care of Magical Creatures Cards. The
last point was the most interesting to me at the time. The only solution I
saw was to use items - since they are not effected by 4 Privet.

I think the deck she is using is basically an Transfiguration/Charms deck
that includes 4 Winged Keys and at least one Invisibility Cloak (unique) to
fend off creatures and spells. Hannah's power allows items to be taken from
the discard pile (irrespective of whether 4 Privet is in play) and this
power of course could be supplemented by Ollivanders. The inclusion of
Charms (as well as Ollivanders and attack spells) is I think to allow Wands,
so this deck can get up to 10 lessons before you get wiped out by critters.

The deck may also have potions, because as items you can have more than one
cauldron, and the potion healing power would allow this defensive deck to
cycle cards it has lost before it got its defensive items into play. If you
are going to include potions I would suggest a few remembralls as well to
allow you to keep those lesson numbers high to allow you to put all your key
(no pun intended) items into play.

Such a deck will have a very high lesson count which also allows it to use
some of those devastating rare spells like transfiguration exam, Titillando
and Obliviate.

Lastly, I think Nearly Headless Nick is perfect, for his ability to get
cards from in your deck into your hand.

So the tip is, make a deck that gets those transfiguration items into play
so you can hold off your opponent when you can't cast spells.

My experience has been that Hermione and some healing potions allows this
deck to recover once it has finally gotten those items into play.

Jason Prince
Sydney, Australia