Hello, fellow wizards and witches! This is the first of many single card
strategies by me, Hermoine Granger. Sometimes, Harry and other folks with be
stopping in to give me some help!
    Now, I bring you the single card strategy for today: Transfiguration
Exam. (My favorite!)

    First off, this card can be good and awful, depending on yor style of
play, what the metagame is like in your area, and what your deck is like. If
you are playing a creature-heavy deck, you might only want to use one or
maybe even no copies of this card. It can be helpful if you are in a rut,
but, it will only work in the first few turns.
    If you are a playing a spell-based deck, use this card. It can get rid of
those big creatures that are damaging you heavily. You might even be able to
get rid of a big portion of your opponent's deck this way. If you highly
depend on it, then stock four of it, because those pesky Four Privet Drive
cards can get rid of them quickly.
    I have started to make a deck based on this strategy, using Hannah Abott
as my starter. I use a few small creatures, but mostly focus on creature
destruction, and even a few counter-type spells. I really try to use some
countermagic against 4 Privet Drive. I will post my deck in later reviews,
probably. I have to work out the nitpicks and other things.

    Clue To #2: Shop 'Til You Drop