Hello! It's me (Hermoine) back with a look at a great uncommon adventure:
Diagon Alley. First off, here is the stats:

    Diagon Alley
    Effect: Your opponent can't use actions to draw cards.
    To Solve: Your opponent skips a total of seven actions. (They don't have
to be one right
after another)
    Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw any number of cards.

    There! Now that you have the stats, here's the strats (strategies).
Alone, this card is good, because it can lock down your opponent's game
easily. But better yet, it can be a combo card.
    Using the card Draco's Trick, you can draw as many cards as you want.
Just be careful: don't go too high, or your deck will run out. Usually I pick
4 or 5, but it varies depending on the situation.
    You can get many card out of this, and it may become very dandy if you
are looking for a certain card, to either pull of a combo, or just for
lockdown, or ANYTHING you want.
    Anyway, if you are going for a combo deck, put these cards in there! They
will accelerate your game, or, slow your opponent's down.

    Clue to #3: Only 4 You!