As the name of the deck implies, it is a deck made out of Charms and Potions lessons.  The main strategy of the deck is to hit and run, especially since there aren't any Creature cards in this deck.
      The main witch of this deck is Hermione Granger.  I chose her because of her useful effect of playing twice the amount of Lesson actions, making it easier to receive more Lessons than usual, and then you can play such powerful cards, such as the Draught of Living Death card, which deals 12 damage, and the Obliviate card,  which forces the opponent to discard his hand.
      Since many of the cards are easily discarded, and there are cards that discard Lessons in order to be played, I added many Healing cards, such as Burning Bitterroot Balm, that would help retrieve cards that are essential to defeating the enemy.  One card being the Elixir of Life card, which recovers a whopping 16 non-healing cards from the discard pile.  Not only that, but Severus Snape makes a useful Character card, not only providing an extra Potions lesson, but also allowing you to recover 7 non-healing cards once per game.
      That is the disadvantage of this deck: that the Healing Cards don't recover other Healing cards.  So, in order to avoid wasting your essential Healing cards, try to wait until you have discarded more or equal to the amount to recover that is said in the card.  That way, you can be reassured you'll be in for another fight.

Wand and Potions deck:
Starting Character:
1 Hermione Granger

2 Professor Severus Snape

2 Titilliando
2 Incendio
2 Bluebell Flames
2 Stupefy
4 Accio
2 Obliviate
3 Burning Bitterroot Balm
3 Draught of Living Death
2 Hospital Wing
2 Elixir of Life
2 Malevolent Mixture

1 Phoenix Feather Wand
1 Silver Cauldron

15 Potions
14 Charms