This is the Lovedeck.

Characters. (9)

1 Ron Weasley (starter)

1 Dean Thomas

1 Hermione Granger

2 Professor Snape

2 Hagrid

1 Hannah Abbott

1 Harry Potter

Lessons (25)

17 CMC

8 Transfiguration

Adventures (2)

1 4-Privet Drive

1 Unusual Pets

Spells (6)

2 Steelclaw

1 Incarifors

2 Raven to Writing Desk.

1 Hagrid and the stranger

Creatures (19)

4 Unicorn

4 Mountain Troll

3 Guard Dog

2 Kelpie

2 Pet Toad

1 Nobert

2 Vicious Wolf

1 Baby Dragon

The strategy is to get many characters out fast.

Then play the big creatures.

And when many creatures are out play Steelclaw.

This is a cool character deck.

Easy isn't it ??

Why is this a love deck ??

1.Ron loves Hermione

2.Hagrid loves big creatures

3.Snape loves to hate Harry

4.Harry loves to hate Snape

5.Hermione love lessons

6.Many players love the Hagridclaw combo.

7.I love Harry Potter (okay at least the books and card game about him)

Ok I hope you like it.