Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 7:03 PM
Subject: More on Charms Cards
boy do i love those

Anyway, these cards are special to me because... well, I can't begin to say.
maybe because they are so easy to get and to use for getting rid of Creatures. My favorite is Out of the
Woods. I put this card in my deck to flush out annoying creatures in the hand, to nip unfolding plots in the bud.  I also enjoy my Titillando card (I had two but one slid down the card door.).  I gotta like Draco. So he's in Slytherin. Big freaking deal. His power is awesome, and it's like being able to use a free Illegillibus every turn.  I may have dissed Fumos before, but just now I realized that with Draco and Out Of the Woods, it is the ultimate Creature-Out tool.

Remember this if you are ever building a Charms based deck. This is a lesson that could give you the upper edge on Creature decks.