From: Andrew Nguyen []
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 4:11 PM
Subject: Into the Forbidden Forest+Rubeus Hagrid+Steelclaw

Hello everyone I'm back with a new strategy it's Into The Forbidden Forest + Rubeus Hagrid + Steelclaw.  This is great for creature decks.  Ok first you play Hagrid then Into The Forbidden Forest then after you got a few creatures smack down a steelclaw that should do some damage.  If you have 2 Mountain Trolls, 2 Cunning Foxes, and 1 Norbert your opponent would cry it's 34  if I did it correctly and if you have 2 steelclaws you would be doing 102 damage!!  It may take awhile to set up unless you have Wands which really speeds it up.  This had helped me a lot and does the Number 1 thing I love to do, Annoy Opponents :D


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