Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 5:01 PM
Subject: Discussing Charms Spells
Im here to tell you about my favorite cards-- charms cards (called c-cards through out)

Perhaps my favorite card in this category is Magical Mishap. It has a somewhat low energy cost (3charm) and does three damage.
Stream of Flames fpor two lessons more does 6 damage total.
But my favorte cards are still not without a flaw. This is a quite serious one: only doing staight foward damage. There are some exceptions to this ruloe: Accio, Ou toOf teh woos  and others. Something that look s like it is easy to pull offf and still continue to useis 4 Wingardium Leviosa. Theyre cheap to use easy to get and with a card that restores like Slytherin Match makes a great little emergency tool.
Then there are some cards that arent worth bothering with. Tak e Fumos-- could there be a worse card? Waiting at least 7 precious turns  just to do 2 damage to every creature--even your own(eek!)-- seems like a waste of time. And time is  gold. Why not replace those Fumoses with Stream of Flames (which are common, unlike fumos which is uncommon) or Vermilliouses? Fumos is undisputably a waste of time.
Logic Puzzle is maybe 1/4 worthwhile, but I would think that by the time it takes to get
6 cards of lesson the adventure would have taken much effect, unles it is drawn oput in  adveance.
some charms cards make great substitutes for priy potions cards. Avermillious for 4 lessons does nicely in place of a Mopsus Potion which takes 8 lessons to do the same, or a Foul brew, which only does 2 damage and takes 5 lessons to use.