has any one besides me noticed that  the rulebook has no
multiplayer rules well i tried to invent some ... tell me what ya think

            multiplayer rules :
basically the same as the regular game, but you have to say who takes the
damage from your spells. when you play an adventure any one can solve it,
but it only effects one opponent at a time. you can shift the effects[what i
mean is you switch the  opponet  that  feel's  the  effects but the old
opponet gets the reward.] any one can solve it.  your creature can hit only
one player at a time  or you  can have it damage each player on different
turns ex : on turn 1 it damages one opponet, on turn 2 it damages a
different  opponet  and so on and so forth  when the last player if hit it
goes back to player 1.

                      optional rules :
       1.  spells that  do damage to creatures or opponets do damage to all
opponets or all  creatures.
       2.  your creatures do damage to all opponets at the same time
       3.  adventures effect all players
                every player must agree to using optional rules you can use
them together or separately however you want the game to be played.

                team rules :
                the same as multiplayer rules  only now you dont have to
worry about every one gaining up on you. you get in order based on who you
want to battle with 2 players from each team battle the loser moves away the
winner stays.  then the next player in line battles. you keep doing this
untile every one has battled if the other team still has people left then
you continue to battle. if 2 people  from each team  remain go to  tag team

                tag team rules :
in a tag team battle one player fights another  while a second player waits
to be tagged. the second player can only play lesson cards untile they are
tagged. when a single person from a team  loses the other team wins. you tag
by  discarding any adventure you have in play, put all creatures that you've
played back in your hand.   take any  of your items in play and shuffle them
back into your deck. then the other player starts a battle. the second
player shuffles their deck and plays normally but can only play lessons
until tagged all other cards that are drawn are either shuffled into the
deck or remain in your hand,until you are tagged. otherwise its the same as
a regular game.

man......i'm tired,well i hope you like my rules!!!! feel free to modify
them if you like. i wrote these because card games are even funner when
there's more than 2 players.

            credits :
                my internet provider
                and you the reader

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