Dear Pojo,
  I've loved the site forever, and here's my input on the future of Harry Potter and the HP Card Game:

Movie: It is going to be a 4 star movie. The acting is going to be bad, I know it.

Card Game: The Quidditch Cup set looks very broken, because of Fluffy and Halloween Feast. Yes, I know you would argue that they ARE rare cards, but look at how many people have four 4 Privet Drive cards.

Card Game League: This is crap. They should let the game age a little bit. Let the Pokemon TCG league go for 1 more year.

Merchandise: Next we'll see Harry Potter hearing aids and toilet paper. Merchandise is in bad quality and is way too much. The Levitating Challenge game was a large dissapointment. And, some of the action figures lack quality. But... I do admit to playing with my Harry Potter Quidditch Seeker figure everyday.

  That's my philosophy on it. I hope they really think about the Quidditch Cup series. And McGongall is a great card. I use a lot of Transfiguration.

Thanks for posting it!