Dragons Escape
Effect:Before each of your turns your opponent takes 1 damage.
To Solve:Your Oppenent chooses 3 of his or her lessons and discards the.
Reward:Your opponents drwas 3 cards or does 3 damge to you.

Harry Hunting
Effect:Your opponents creature and spell cards cost 2 more power to play.
To Solve:your opponent chooses 7 cards in his or her hand and discards them.
Reward:Your oppent may put a lesson card from his or her discard pile back in play.

This combination of adventures hinders and slows many decks espcially if you run a creature heavy deck like i do, you opponents don't want to keep taking the damage before each of your turns once they get rid of dragons escape you turn around and lay down harry hunting making them have to pay an extra 2 to cast anything so it kills them again because now they don't have the lesson's to pay for things they want, apparates and logic puzzles help to slow this process down but not entirely so have fun with this is a great combination of adventures for you opponents to work around.

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