Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 11:43 AM
Subject: The Chamber of Secrets -quiddich cup the heir of slytherin
                       its the heir here - whats up ?  in this review i'll give my opinion on new cards and how they will efect you.

                        topic 1 :creatures
first of all FLUFFY  may seem like a match wining card[and he is] but dont forget your other small creatures, they can help you to. i would definatly take a look at DEVILS SNARE. its a pretty phat card, with the ability to regenerate as long as your opponent doesnt use cards like take root.

                        topic 2 : adventures
wow!! the adventures in quiddich cup are great. theres a balance between creature and spell decks too. now creature decks still have PRIVET DRIVE , but spell decks have IN THE STANDS. adventures are a humongous threat. i have a FRED AND GEORGE WEASLY  deck thats built around playing adventures.

well . . . . thats all for now but i'll continue this review next time -


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