Draco Malfoy







‘During your turn, you may use an Action and discard a card from your hand to look at your opponent’s hand. You may then choose 1 card in his or her hand and discard it.’


He is the bad boy at Hogswarts. Everybody’s favorite Slytherin. He has a whole deck made just for him. Mainly made up of Charms or Potions it can really disrupt your opponents play.  Out of the Woods, for creatures. Illegibilus is just like his ability.  Forgetfulness Potion can be used when you have reduce their hand to zero, then any cards they draw they cannot play at all. Snuffing Potion is also good to make their draw useless. Confundus is good when they have 2 or less cards in their hand. Titillando is good against creatures that they get into play but is expensive to play. History of Magic is okay but you can see their Adventures the first time you use Draco’s ability.  Then the almighty Obliviate.


This set adds some new cards to the mix. Gone is gone. Missing Parchment for spells. Potions Class disaster is very interesting. Charms Exam can work in reducing their deck but they still have a hand.

The possibilities are endless.


I have been thinking of an idea for an Adventure deck:

Gaze Into the Mirror 3

Hagrid Needs Help 3

Pep Talk 3

In the Stands 3

Race for the Snitch 3

Sticking up for Neville 4

Snape’s Bias 3

Dragon’s Escape 4

Gringott’s Cart Ride 4

Human Chess Game 4

Troll in the Bathroom 4

Harry Hunting 4

Meet the Centaurs 3

4 Privet Drive(Duh) 4

Diagon Alley 4

Peeves Causes Trouble 3

Unusual Pets 4


It can work give it a try. I need a few more cards in order to make this deck. It looks kind of scary without any Lessons and Creatures but with all of the options with the adventures and you will always know what your opponent is playing with Draco’s ability.


Hope this helps. Have fun.