Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 1:51 PM
Subject: the chamber of secrets-new cards and games by.the heir of slytherin
            its the heir here. today i'll finish my quiditch review and i will talk about the new lotr tcg.

            Match cards.
                                    Use these if you have a lot of creatures. I mean you can get rewards for doing nothing but watching your creatures do damage. I'm not really sure if they'd fit in spell decks, just experiment and see what works for you.

                              theirs some really good characters in the new set. Id keep my eye on Fred and George weasley Hagrid, he's a good character from the base set especially if your opponent has a fluffy and you don't, Hagrid's damage boost can even the odds.

                  Lord Of The Rings tcg

                                    lotr is  similar to Harry, but ......its different. think of potter as a modern lotr. but the tcg is way different. it  has different game mechanics and is similar to young jedi. but unlike young jedi  it is more balanced, i think.
 you can play orcs, dwarves,elves,hobbits and humans. You can play weapons and move from area to area. unlike young jedi you assign your attackers to fight a defender whereas in young jedi its completely random.
Rating 10 out of 10  I recommend it, if it fits your style of gaming.

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